April 25, 2018

Private Jets At Your Fingertips

How did you come up with this idea to revolutionize the reservation process for private jets, and develop this service?

After serving in the British armed forces, I spent some time as a freelance pilot. One day, I was flying from Nice to London, without passengers as the plane simply needed to be moved. Problems such as that, from inefficiency to wastefulness, cause prices to go up for passengers and prevent private planes from being considered a valid form of transportation.

My idea was to use technology to streamline the traditional reservation process for a private jet. I started by creating revolutionary software to help make these jets more accessible to the general public. 

How does the application work?

The major problem in reserving a private jet rests in the complexity of calculating the cost of a flight. There are millions of variables and as every flight has to be calculated from zero due to the customized nature of the industry, it takes even the most experienced professional about a half of an hour to provide an estimate.

To put this process online, we needed to assemble an enormous amount of data and code it using an extremely complex algorithm, in order to make the calculations in just a few seconds.

What are the advantages of this service compared to a traditional reservation service?

There are considerable differences between Stratajet and the more traditional private jet reservation services. 

Private jets, at first glance, are a hassle-free luxury, but the means to reserve them were not always so easy. Brokers are in charge of supervising all requests for a flight. They submit these requests to a network of operators who must manually calculate the cost of each flight, case by case. A certain number of companies claim that they have automated this process by offering a website that transmits the request for a flight, but these requests are still transmitted to the operators.

On the other hand, the Stratajet technology eliminates the need for a broker and does all of the calculations directly for the operators. As a result, clients are not subject to these intermediary steps and can retain total control of their own reservation.

What is the average time to reserve a flight?

Thanks to the technology running behind the scenes, the reservation process for a flight on this system is incredibly simple. Because we know the exact placement of all the planes in the system at any given moment, in just a few seconds clients can search and compare the exact prices for private jets and make immediate reservations with a credit card or even a digital imprint via Apple Pay. The entire process can be done in less than two minutes based on the connection to the site or the app.

For last-minute requests, it is also possible to reverse a plane as little as three hours before take-off.

What kinds of planes are available to your clients?

Two-seaters, turbo-props, every high-end, and long-range... There are 1,250 planes in the Stratajet system. For example, the Cessna Citation Mustang, a rather lightweight plane with a capacity for six passengers, is perfect for a group of friends! For onboard service, Stratajet maintains staff 24/7 to meet all supplemental requests made by travelers.

Key points: Stratajet is a reservation platform for private jets. Available on the web as well as a mobile app, for instant access to private jets with going through a broker and reserve your flight at attractive rates.

Plus: The beauty of Stratajet is that you can reserve a private jet to and from any airport. Stratajet is operation 44 countries across Europe and while there are but 500 airports available in these countries for commercial planes, private planes can use more than 1,200 airfields. This gives clients greater flexibility in terms of where they can travel and get closer to their final destination. 


Interview with Jonny Nicol, Founder and CEO of Stratajet