Fish Corner - St Barth

Mediterranean Cuisine


Enjoy the best local products, from the catch of the day to shellfish, plus herbs and mesclun from Saint Barth’s local farm in Vitet. Red snapper, tuna, mussels, razor clams, monkfish, lobster... delicious meals using local and imported seafood in this neighborhood restaurant.

Nicolas, Johnny, and their staff serve flavorful cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere with colorful décor by French Indies Design.


Fish Corner is now open Friday and Saturday evenings from 7.30pm. The menu includes a plateau of seafood to enjoy in the restaurant or order for take-out!

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More than just a restaurant, there is also a display of fresh fish on ice, just caught in the morning for sale that day. And every Friday and Saturday from 9am-12pm, Shellfish bar: oysters, whelks, winkles, crab legs, lobster, cockles, shrimp...

Key points

In the heart of Gustavia, this restaurant serves fresh fish and seafood, both local and imported, for lunch from Monday thru Saturday, and for dinner on Friday and Saturday.

Average price

  • 24€

Average price « à la carte » based on one appetizer and one main dish (excluding drinks, according to the menu provided by the restaurant)


Between Carat shop and Le Bar de l'Oubli.


41 Rue de la Répubkque, Gustavia 97133 St Barthélémy


Monday to Saturday

  • Noon to 3pm

Friday and Saturday night for dinner (until the end of March)

  • 7.30pm to 10pm

Closed Sunday


Open October to August


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