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Le Café de St Barth is a purveyor of fair-trade, organic coffee.  Available ground or as beans, the coffee is roasted as needed, and in function of different tastes and methods of processing.

Bruno Dubreuil, an artisanal coffee roaster, defines the specificities of each kind of coffee in great detail. His work is meticulous, requiring numerous controls and adjustments. Le Café de St Barth exclusively chooses specialty coffees, or the best of the coffee family. This high-quality coffee is 100% traceable and meets the most exacting standards in the world of coffee, from growers to distribution. It is cultivated in specific zones, on small plots of land that have precise geographic and climatic conditions to give the beans unique flavors. Bruno Dubreuil lived in Central America for more than 12 years, allowing him to establish personal relationships with the coffee producers.

The coffee is immediately packaged in multi-layer packets after being roasted for perfect conservation of the aromas. The bag protects the coffee from humidity, oxygen, and light.

For those who like their coffee stronger and more robust, TImousse Made in St Barth uses beans exposed to monsoon winds and rain for a woodsy final note and a slightly bitter taste. This unique coffee is transformed in St Barth by humidification with seawater and salty breezes, before being dried in the sun.

Points of sale: Marché U, Oasis Express, AMC Gustavia, Le Café de St Barth.

© Bruno Debreuil


These specialty coffees were rated higher than 80/100 during taste tests conducted by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)

Key points

100% traceable from specialty coffee plantations to distribution, Le Café de St Barth provides exceptional coffee with unique flavors.


Coffee roastery located in Petite Saline.


Petite Saline 97133 St Barthélemy


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

  • from 9am to 12pm (contact us to pick-up your order)


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