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The Sea Memory boutique in Gustavia feels very much like a cabinet of curiosities, where the buzzword is originality. Opened in 1997 by the Lacour family, today it evokes just as much wonderment as there are wonderful objects filling every shelf. Edouard Lacour and his parents present a varied collection of furniture and accessories for the well designed home. Every year, clients marvel at new objects brought back from Italian, Belgian, French, and Asian artisans: objects both rare and cosmopolitan.

In reality, Edouard Lacour promotes high-quality arts, luxury items, and custom-made designs. Every two years, he and his father design a new line of furniture. Their inspiration comes from the Art Deco period, using luxurious and modern materials (mother-of-pearl, stingray skin, stainless steel, parchment) with pure, modern lines. They also carry more classic furniture (armchairs, side table…) as well as coral, minerals, and taxidermy specimens. Sea Memory presents several hundred unique objects, and its signature piece is a compact, multi-functional game for casino parties with friends.

From a small boutique dedicated to objects from the sea, Sea Memory has become an important stop for all those interested in interior design. Surprised by the use of stingray skin in the fabrication of furniture and accessories, clients have become very fond of this rich, resistant material, to the point of asking Sea Memory to create custom pieces. Etui, jewelry box, or small dressing table, the imagination of the clients, like that of Edouard and his father, has no limits.

Key points

Natural materials, exceptional handicraft and creativity at your service.


Nearest store "St Barth Karma", in the center of Gustavia.


Rue du Roi Oscar II Gustavia 97133 St Barthélémy


Open Monday to Saturday

  • 9.30am - 7.30pm non stop


Mid October thru August

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