Sea Memory: Mala

December 11, 2018 

Inspired The Artisans Of Tibet And Nepal

Far from the world of costume jewelry, Sea Memory presents a collection of luxury pieces designed with natural stones

Tiger’s Eye

In the style of Buddhist beads, the Mala bracelet with semi-precious Tiger’s Eye stones is known for its sense of serenity, and will brighten up all of your outfits. Stingray skin pearls add to the beauty of the bracelet. Each pearl is created with different designs and writings. For a perfect combination, treat yourself to the set: the bracelet and the necklace, which has the traditional 108 beads.

Another lovely piece is the braided bracelet with natural lava stones subtlety bejeweled with bright balls of silver. 

Key points: Luminous, colorful jewelry infused with a profound spiritual dimension 

Plus: Already highly acclaimed, the adjustable Chambala bracelet, secured with several beads, comes in several colors. 


Unisex jewelry

Tiger’s Eye, pearls and pendants in Stingray, accents in rose gold or silver

Available in several colors: brown, black, blue...

Bracelet with 18 or 20 beads

Necklace with 108 beads, 6mm or 8mm to vary the length

Provenance of the stones: India 


Mala Bracelets: From 250 - 275€

Mala Necklace: From 425 - 530€

Chambala Bracelets, square beads: 310€

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