tamara comolli: candy bracelet

November 29, 2018

A Masterwork With Precious Stones

Renowned for its use of color and “relaxed luxury” designs, Tamara Comolli is a brand that never ceases to amaze jewelry lovers with surprising new combinations. 

Inspired by such natural wonders as Indian summer or magical places such as Palm Beach or Capri, Tamara Comolli delights in creating a single piece of jewelry that combines a multitude of precious stones in vibrant colors. Part of the Mikado Flamenco collection, the Candy Bracelet stands out for its fabulous use of color! The perfectly set stones are each as rare as the next…for a unique mix of strong yet lovely nuances. 

The perfect gift for the holidays in St Barth!

Key points: The 51 carefully selected precious stones are set in yellow gold with a harmony of colors that creates one of the brand’s most amazing pieces of jewelry.

Plus: To complete your wardrobe, add pieces from the rest of the collection to your bracelet: pendants, a pair of earrings.

Price upon request

Characteristics: 18K yellow gold with 51 MIKADO FLAMENCO charms in a lovely acorn shape (approximately 8x7mm): amethyst, garnet, mandarin, peridot, Swiss topaz, pink tourmaline, yellow beryl, green tourmaline, carnelian...

Point of sale: Fabienne Miot