champagne leclerc briant: cuvee abyss

January 25, 2019

An Exceptional Specialty Vintage

Leclerc Briant, one of the pioneers in biodynamic agriculture, produces champagnes that are unique, chic, and 100% organic.

Biodynamic agriculture, speaking in the ear of the wine

In the world of wine, biodynamic is the reflection and result of a viticulture the respects the vines, the earth, and the winemakers. From the grapes to the bottle, any chemical intervention is forbidden 

Beyond this organic approach, biodynamic agriculture encompasses the cycles of nature with a special attention to the living aspect of the grapes and the vines… The different steps of the production process are based on lunar calendars. For an approach that respects the vines, for example, pruning is only done under a waning moon so that the sap migrates toward the roots. That means the pruning is clean, without spillage.

The Abyss Vintage

Leclerc Briant dedicated a portion of its 2012 harvest to a special vintage that is aged under water. The grapes that comprise this vintage are selected from areas known for their extra chalky soil, and have a perfect resonance with the underwater sediments in the Stiff Bay, near the shores of Ouessant Island in Brittany. After two years in the bottle, this special vintage has been transformed by its time under water by its third year. Abyss champagne evokes both its unique oceanic vibration and the fruity maturity of its vintage.

What goes in the Cuvée Abyss: Chardonnays from Bisseuil, pinots noirs from Avenay-Val-d’Or, and pinots meuniers from Vrigny represent equal parts of this unusual vintage with its unique echoes.

Key points for Champagne Leclerc Briant: With a deep respect for nature and the vineyards, the entire Leclerc Briant winery is certified organic and biodynamic. 

Plus: Ready for market in 2020, another of the “Specialty” vintages is La Croisette. With the goal of making the purest of its wines, Leclerc Briant decided to line the inside of the walls of a barrel with 24-carat gold. Far from the wines with gold flakes, the idea behind this innovation is to obtain fermentation in contact with the gold and see the harmony as the two interact.


“Specialty” vintages, including Abyss: 130 € 

Brut: 38€

Points of sale>> 

ST BARTH: In Vino, in the hills of St Jean

Gian Lucas: 06 25 13 06 85

Antoine: 06 08 25 06 99



October 30, 2018

The Island’s 5th Annual Gourmet Event

A not-to-be-missed event on the intentional culinary calendar, the Saint-Barth Gourmet Festival kicks off the new season on the island. Special events take place each evening on November 1-4, including chefs’ dinners in the festival’s partner restaurants, where guests are invited to discover the signature cuisine of incredible guest chefs. In addition to Nicolas Sale, patron chef of 2018 festival, five of the island’s top chefs will cook in tandem with the chefs invited especially for this gourmet experience. 

A wonderful opportunity to be tempted by the best of French gastronomy in a tropical paradise with a convivial ambiance!


Prices for the Chefs’ Dinners: 

- 4-course menu: 95 Euros (appetizer, main course, dessert included)

- 8-course menu: 130 Euros.


Reservations recommended


Reignac: Balthus

May 24, 2018

A wine that rivals the best of the best 

Balthus from Château Reignac ranks up there with the very best Bordeaux classics such as Petrus, Lafite Rothschild, Cheval Blanc... in blind taste tests. This 100% Merlot nectar is grown in two excellent kinds of soil, one that is rocky, the other chalky-clay to create the perfect conditions for this magnificent wine cultivated in the true Reignac spirit.

This vintage is made using a special micro-vinification technique, with the wine made right in the barrel, ensuring its specific characteristics as well as a higher level of sweetness than obtained through traditional vinification. The mid-palate is fuller with a mellow woodiness, due in part to the fermentation in direct contact with the oak of the barrel, that becomes a note that is systematically better integrated. The union of the finesse of the Graves with the power and freshness of the Argiles makes this quite an exceptional wine.

Key points: Six years of Balthus were blind taste-tasted by the European Grand Jury along with Petrus, Lafite Rothschild, and Cheval Blanc. The Balthus 2007 came in third.

Plus: Thanks to an improvement in knowledge about the growing conditions and the cultivation of additional vineyards, the volume of production of this vintage has been doubled, and today averages close to 12,000 bottles per year.

Price: 60€

For additional information and online sales:



January 3, 2018

Collet Champagne Prestige Vintages

The oldest French Champagne cooperative, Maison Collet is located in town of Ay and produces some of the best Premier and Grand vintages that reflect the diversity of the Champagne region. Collet Champagne is a high-quality wine destined for the world of gourmet cuisine and leading chefs. Every vintage can be paired with various moments of a great meal, from aperitif to dessert. 

The Best Years for Collet Champagnes: 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008

Esprit Couture 

Esprit Couture Champagne epitomizes the entire Collet philosophy of a company whose passionate artisans share a singular goal: to create the most authentic of Champagnes. Also, in homage to tradition, the wine is crafted entirely by hand, from the vine to the tasting (harvesting and riddling by hand as well).  

Esprit Couture is exclusively composed of the most prestigious Premier and Grand Cru Champagne grapes. Each hand-blown bottle is made in a glass mold custom-made for this champagne that is a blend of Pinot Noir (50%) for structure, Chardonnay (40%) for elegance and finesse, and Pinot Meunier (10%) for the fruitiness. Not overly sweet, with just 7.5 grams of sugar per liter, this champagne with its rather fine bubbles can be served as an aperitif just as easily as with poultry (chicken, pigeon, or turkey) or with fish.

Tasting notes:
Appearance: The foam is fine and regular, the color accents elegant, intense golden highlights.
Nose: Defined by a multitude of floral notes, with a slight fragrance of vanilla undertoneTaste: This champagne reveals a delicious exuberance of fruity flavors such as subtle notes of peach and yellow plum. 

The texture is silky, infinitely smooth, and the end result is a rare intensity. 

Serve chilled at 8-9°C.

Key points: Collet Esprit Couture Champagne is aged for seven years, carefully sheltered from light in hundred year-old cellars carved into the earth. Even though legislation imposes minimum aging of 15 months, these wines are intentionally aged longer to make sure they are sold at their perfect maturity. 

Plus: In 2017, Collet Esprit Couture Champagne won eight international awards.

Price: 145 euros at wine shops

Points of sale: 

MONACO: Les Grands Chais Monégasques, 11, rue Baron de Sainte Suzanne


Reignac: Grand Vin de Reignac

December 30, 2017

A wine that has outclassed the best... 

Since 2009, Reignac wines have been gaining in reputation. During a blind taste test of the 2004 and 2001 vintages organized by the European Grand Jury, wine experts put the Grand Vin de Reignac in second place, ahead of many of the best wines from Bordeaux, such as Château Ausone, Pétrus, Château Cheval Blanc.

Château Reignac

Nestled in the country, at the confluence of the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, in the “Entre-Deux-Mers” region between Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion, one finds a rare pearl: Château Reignac.

Since 1990, Yves and Stéphanie Vatelot have carefully tended this beautiful 135-hectare estate, of which almost 80 hectares are planted with grapevines. Convinced that the region had great potential, legendary wine expert Michel Rolland has worked with the owners since their early days at the chateau.

Little by little, thanks to expertise organized in four steps (viticulture, harvesting, wine-making, growing of the grapes) and land that has particularly rich soil (chalky-clay and gravely-clay), these vintners learned to make wines as good as those with the appellation Bordeaux Supérieur. 




Four Vintages

The quality of these wines ranges from elegant and dense to an exquisite okay flavor. Château Reignac produces: Château de Reignac, Grand Vin de Reignac, Balthus, Reignac Blanc. Each equally appealing, the most prestigious of these wines, the Balthus, sells for approximately 60 euros.  

Prices starting at: 

Château de Reignac: 9.5 €, a good wine at a reasonable price

Grand Vin de Reignac: 21.5 €, intense bouquet, full and structured taste, this is a marvelous, well-balanced, rich wine 

Balthus: 60 €

Reignac Blanc: 29 €

Key points: Grand Vin de Reignac beat some of the best Bordeaux wines in a blind taste test

Plus: Château de Reignac won the 2018 International Best Of Wine Tourism Prize in Chile.

Follow the adventures of Reignyx, the mascot of Château Reignacx!



January 15, 2017,

The Ultimate Organic Chic Champagne,

When Frédéric Zeimett took over the general management of Leclerc-Briant in 2012, the future of this centuries-old champagne company was being questioned by a fair number of observors.

The brand had to start up again, from almost rock bottom, following the death of Pascal Leclerc-Briant, the last in a dynasty of champagne producers, whose origins date back to the 19th century. The majority of the vineyards were sold to competitors, and the American couple that purchased the company inherited only the buildings, the bottles ageing in the wine cellars, and several acres of grapevines.

In four short years, Leclerc-Briant has become a favorite of amateurs and confirmed connoisseurs of champagne, who rave about its sense of innovation and the introduction of new flavors. The French Review of Wines and the Bettane Desseauve Guide have written glowing reviews of the Champagne Blanc de Meuniers premier cru, made exclusively with pinot meunier, the “poor cousin” of the best champagne grapes. This was a first for this region, where tradition is deeply rooted in the vineyards.

For a man with 30 years of experience in top management for such prestigious champagne companies as Moët et Chandon and Chapoutier, Frédéric Zeimett remains humble, and attributes his success to the talents of Hervé Jestin, his cellar master, an oenologist known for his love of biodynamic methods. “Hervé Jestin has a very original approach to his profession,” confides Frédéric Zeimett. “He’s like a wine whisperer. He pushes biodynamic methods to the extreme, both in the vineyards and in the wine cellar, which explains the true uniqueness of our wines.”

There is indeed a unique signature to the Leclerc-Briant brand, which is unique and easily recognizable in its champagnes, with their vibrant and precise character marked by a sense of fruitiness, delicious aromas, a distinct touch of salinity, and the almost total absence of sugar. This is champagne that presents itself without artifice, without pretense, and a wine with vegan certification that is presented in its most natural state.

Something happens during tastings,” adds Frédéric Zeimett. “There is a physiological reaction a very specific emotional response.”  

Their leading cru, Divine Solera, is a perfect example. This perpetual vintage combines a symphony of flavors with several generations of wine that blend in perfect harmony. This represents the exceptional sense of refinement that defines the entire range of Leclerc-Briant Champagne.

In Saint Barthélemy, Leclerc-Briant Champagne can be found at In Vino and at Le Barthélemy, the new 5-star hotel that recently open on the shore of the lagoon in Grand Cul-de-Sac.

Price: 35 euros

Points of sale>> 

ST-BARTH: In Vino, Les hauteurs de St-Jean

Gian Lucas: 06 25 13 06 85

Antoine: 06 08 25 06 99


Eternelle favorite - A fine feminine wine

In Adeline de Barry’s family, wine is women’s work. Since it became the family business in the 18th century, when the Marquis de Villeneuve purchased the former monastery of Lérins, the Château de Saint-Martin has always been passed from mother to daughter. There was but one exception to this ancestral tradition, when Adeline’s grandfather, Count Edme de Rohan Chabot, ran the vineyard for forty years before passing the torch to his daughter, then to his granddaughter in 1984.

Adeline de Barry learned quite a bit from this important figure in the world of wine. Thanks to his expert advice, an apprenticeship in the fields, and her experience in the United States doing marketing for Moët Hennessy, she now successfully runs the family enterprise and its production of high quality wines.

Built in the town of Taradeau, in the department of Var, in the center of a property with over 100 hectares, and benefitting from the climatology of two distinct regions (schist and clay-limestone soil), the Château de Saint-Martin belongs to the very exclusive club of the 18 Côtes de Provence controlled vintages. This prestigious label and a gage of excellence are found in Eternelle Favorite, a delicious rosé with a pale peach robe and delicate fruity flavors.

Chatting with Adeline de Barry:

How did you come up with the idea for Eternelle Favorite?

“During my travels, especially in Asia, I noticed that women liked to get together after work for a drink, but not necessarily have dinner at the same time. They enjoyed being together to share a moment of friendship. I also thought of moments of relaxation when you just want to curl up on a comfortable sofa and listen to music while drinking a nice glass of rosé. That gave me the idea to create an a feminine rosé that is atypical and sophisticated.”

What are its principal qualities?

“It is like a woman’s perfume that reveals its unexpected nuances over the course of time. It is light in the spring with its fresh, citrus flavor. In the summer it evolves toward ripe fruit, then becomes stronger and warmer in the winter. Eternelle Favorite is a surprising and very elegant rosé, made primarily with a base of tibouren, a red variety typically Provencal, that I especially appreciate and that brings a lot of refinement when blended with other varieties.”

The Eternelle Favorite vintage has won several awards, including the Médaille d’Or at the Concours Général Agricole in 2016. It was listed among the top 50 best rosés in the world in the United States.

It is found on the wine lists of major hotels and restaurants around the world, particularly on the East Coast of the United States— New York and Connecticut—as well as Colombia, Singapore, Tahiti, and the French West Indies.

In Saint Barthélemy, Eternelle Favorite is available at Goût du Vin in Gustavia. Tel +590  590 27 88 02


A delicious gourmet tour of st barth

St Barth stars as the top culinary destination of the Caribbean. More than 80 restaurants—and as many chefs—serve a successful blend of French cuisine with an international medley of flavors. Here’s our selection of some of the best eateries on the island.

What’s New?

Shellona is the new beach restaurant on magnificent Shell Beach in Gustavia, with a lunch menu reflecting the flavors of the Mediterranean, and a festive ambiance featuring DJ and live music.

At Aux Amis, the waterfront restaurant at the new Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa in Grand Cul de Sac, acclaimed French chef Guy Martin presents cuisine that is simple yet sophisticated. Grilled fish and meat on the rotisserie herald the promise of a memorable culinary voyage.

This year, all eyes are also turned toward François Plantation, the legendary restaurant of the 1990s. The elegance of the room, which has reopened at Villa Marie in Colombier, retains its Colonial style. The cuisine is just as refined as ever and rooted in traditional French gastronomy. 

The new Tropical Hotel also has a new restaurant, Bohemia, in Saint Jean. In a gypsy chic ambiance, the cuisine is both fresh and authentic with Mediterranean accents.

Bo Káo brings you the delicious nuances of Nikkei cuisine, a wonderful blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, set in the prestigious Carré d’Or with its redesigned terrace in the middle of the luxury boutiques in Gustavia.

In the hills of Lurin, Santa Fe is a convivial and relaxed restaurant with magnificent views, offering a varied international menu based on traditional French cuisine with an accent on local fresh fish.

Lunching In St Barth 

Strictly impossible to visit St Barth without visiting Eden Rock in St Jean. The spirit of this legendary iconic hotel is reflected at the Sand Bar, its upscale beach restaurant.

On the beach in Flamands, several lovely restaurants await you. At La Langouste or Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France, you can enjoy lunch with breathtaking views of the ocean.

In Lurin, the terrace at Santa Fe overlooks the sea and the neighboring islands to the south.

In Pointe Milou, Mango, the beach restaurant at the Christopher Hotel, just steps from their large swimming pool, offers a delicious menu of fusion cuisine served with an exceptional view of Pointe Milou and the bay of Lorient.

A few beaches over, Le Guanahani Hotel is renowned for the wonderful cuisine at Indigo, the beachfront restaurant on the edge of the lagoon.

Close by you can enjoy great sushi at Yosushimania, located at Villa Lodge 4 Epices. You can also enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian accent at Le Sereno, where the restaurant is also right by the beach. At Le Toiny, you can enjoy grilled fish and salads at the beach club with your feet literally in the sand. 

For a fun and festive lunch right on the beach, head over to the bay of St Jean and grab your table at Nikki Beach or at La Plage. Or if in Gustavia, enjoy a meal at Shellona, right on Shell Beach. 

To Kick Off The Evening

In Gustavia, enjoy a drink at Le Select or at the Bar de l’Oubli. Or check out the extensive list of cocktails at Ko Báo where the ambiance is chic and relaxed. Bonito has killer views and masterful cocktails to enjoy at sunset.

The bar and lovely lighting on the ocean add a touch of elegance to the gourmet restaurant at Eden Rock

Impossible To Have A Bad Dinner in St Barth

Bonito is one of the best restaurants in Gustavia, boasting panoramic views of the port and the yachts in the harbor. 

Contemporary décor and delicious Thai cuisine define Black Ginger, one of the most interesting places in town.

Just up the street is L’Isola, the island’s Italian treasure, highly touted for the elegance of its cuisine. On the way out of town is L’Isoletta, the little sister of l’Isola, makes great pizza with a really thin crust to eat on their relaxed terrace or take home. 

Baz Bar combines a wide range of sushi with live music. At La Guérite on the Pointe, the menu revolves around delicious Mediterranean recipes served in a trendy ambiance with a new bar lounge and DJ. 

In Public, Maya’s is a legendary St Barth restaurant, not to be missed.

For a romantic dinner in elegant surroundings, we recommend the gourmet restaurant at Eden Rock, with lovely lighting on the rocks, or a special soirée at Le Toiny restaurant with its refined, contemporary French cuisine.

Saline has become a gourmet paradise. 

Not far from the beach, chef Jean-Claude Dufour is master of the kitchen at L’Esprit Jean Claude Dufour, whose reputation reaches far beyond the shores of this island. Reservations are at a must at this gourmet garden restaurant. 

Meat and Potatoes is the place to go for good red meat. The menu also includes fish and vegetarian options.

It’s impossible to leave the island without spending an evening at Ti Saint-Barth in Pointe Milou. An island institution, known for its fun, cabaret club ambiance, its delicious cuisine made on a wood grill, music, and DJs. And yes, you can really dance on the tables! 

Into The Wee Hours

Two new clubs are open in Gustavia this season. The VIP Room by Jean Roch is the place to dance the night away. And Mykonos meets St Barth at Moni (ex Casa Nikki) for unforgettable soirées. 

Don’t forget to stop into 25 Quarter and Bagatelle, two places with a festive touch for after dinner in Gustavia. In St Jean, Modjo is the place to see and be seen, with music by star DJ Jacques Dumas. And a party is always on tap at Ti Taverne, the hot bar scene at Ti St Barth in Pointe Milou.

A bit of advice: Reservations are highly recommended at all of these restaurants. For additional information and details about any of them, click on their page on the ACCESS website.


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