As pretty as a postcard! 
Shimmering blues of a lagoon, a beach of soft white sand, a tableau of small, multi-colored boats bobbing at anchor. Farther out, the coral reef and the small island of Tortue, where the waves dance off the rocks in an impressive display of white foam.

Welcome to the world of natural beauty at Le Barthélemy, the magnificent 5-star hotel and spa that recently opened in Grand Cul de Sac.

This exceptional environment is reflected in the hotel’s beautiful guest rooms, where renowned interior designer Sybille de Margerie has created a stunning mix of modernity and authentic West Indian style. Elegant and refined, the décor is inspired by the traditions of the island. Headboards in woven straw, sculptures of coral and resin, bleached driftwood. The harmony of colors, turquoise and fuchsia, evoke the sea and local flowers. The rooms are luxurious, spacious, and luminous with magnificent views of the ocean, the garden, or nearby hillsides. The lovely, peaceful atmosphere of the hotel continues right out onto the terrace, and a pool deck that looks toward the horizon.

Le Barthélemy entrusted the creation of the menus for its restaurant to Guy Martin, the prestigious chef at Le Grand Véfour in Paris. For the clients of the hotel, as well as island residents, he crafted a very interesting menu with a blend of French, West Indian, and international flavors. The ambiance is both chic and relaxed. In the evening, soft light and the quiet presence of the ocean right outside add a note of magic to your meal. A lighter cuisine and rotisserie set the mood at lunch, while executive chef William Gérard elaborates a delicious Sunday brunch.

Imagined as a sanctuary of wellbeing, the spa is a cocoon of calm and relaxation. Equipped with a sauna, a shower with essential oils, and a fitness center with a staff of expert therapists and professional estheticians that use the restorative properties of seawater to optimize the quality and efficacy of their treatments. An extraordinary experience to enjoy with total serenity in the magical setting of this hotel paradise!