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Plouf - Paris

French, Gourmet


Marché St Martin, 31 Rue du Château d'Eau, 75010 Paris

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Open Tuesday through Friday:
  • 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Closed Saturday through Sunday and on Monday

Plouf, nestled in the bustling heart of Paris, emerges as a serene haven for city dwellers seeking tranquility and maritime delights.


Its unassuming facade conceals an interior where the sea comes to life through meticulous and immersive decor, blending shades of blue, driftwood, and coastal-themed decorative elements. Every aspect of the design is crafted to transport guests away from the capital, towards horizons where the ocean reigns supreme.


Within Plouf, the atmosphere strikes a balance between elegance and relaxation, creating the perfect setting for a variety of occasions: from business meals that require a touch of sophistication, to intimate romantic dinners, and lively gatherings among friends or family. The establishment adapts to every visitor, promising a personalized and unforgettable experience.


The main dining area, bathed in natural light during the day, offers a warm ambiance that transforms into a cozy and inviting haven at nightfall. Tables are arranged to ensure privacy for diners while also fostering an environment of openness and sharing, all set with care, reflecting the elegance and attention to detail that characterize Plouf.


The establishment also stands out for its wine cellar, visible from the dining area, where bottles are carefully selected to perfectly complement the culinary creations on offer. This cellar symbolizes Plouf’s commitment to a complete gastronomic experience, where food and wine harmonize for the delight of the senses.


Plouf is not just a restaurant; it’s a place where each visit becomes an escape, a suspended moment where time seems to slow down.

Thanks to its unique setting, welcoming ambiance, and impeccable service, the establishment stands as a true urban oasis, promising every visitor a moment of culinary pleasure and escape in the heart of Paris.


Plouf’s cuisine is distinguished by its refined homage to the treasures of the sea, reflecting a deep passion for exceptional maritime products.


The chef, a true artisan of oceanic flavors, orchestrates a culinary symphony where each dish tells a story of origin and unparalleled freshness. With a traditional yet innovative approach, the menu evolves with the seasons, ensuring dishes of absolute freshness and authentic flavors for diners.


At this establishment, the sea is honored in all its forms: from carefully selected seafood, sustainably fished fish, to crustaceans prepared with precision that respects their unique texture and taste. Each creation by the chef is a celebration of the sea, designed to awaken the taste buds and invite a journey through the most renowned coastal regions.


Innovation plays a key role in Plouf’s cuisine. Without ever compromising the essence of the products, the chef explores bold combinations, marrying unexpected flavors that surprise and enchant. This pursuit of excellence is reflected in emblematic dishes that combine aesthetics and gustatory complexity, making each meal a memorable experience.


The meticulous attention paid to ingredient selection extends to the art of presentation. Each plate is carefully arranged, transforming the dishes into true visual works of art. This harmony between taste and aesthetics underscores Plouf’s philosophy: to offer a culinary experience that engages all the senses.


Finally, Plouf’s wine cellar plays a crucial role in complementing the dishes. With a rigorous selection of wines, often from passionate small producers, the restaurant offers subtle food-wine pairings that enhance the gastronomic experience.


Through its cuisine, Plouf does not merely nourish the body; it nourishes the soul, celebrating with each dish the infinite richness of the sea.

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