Monaco And The Ocean: From Exploration To Protection
Jun 12, 2019

The Oceanographic Museum, a historic center for marine sciences, is built along the flank of the legendary Rock of Monaco. Its exceptional new space: “Monaco And The Ocean,” comprises a veritable voyage through time, from 1906 to the present. With over 6,000 specimens on display, the museum invites you take a dive into this new experience with its immersive, digital, and engaging design.

At the end of a comprehensive and interactive tour, you will understand the immensity of the ocean and the enormous

challenges facing the “big blue” and its preservation.

Key points: The new space, “Monaco And The Ocean,” shares decades of research and discovery in a fun manner. A sense of wonderment and various surprises await you!

Plus: The use of new technologies helps put a spotlight on history, as well as the archival and scientific collections housed in the Temple of the Sea.

Admission fee varies in high and low season:

Adults: From 11€

Children: From 5€

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Discover our points of sale

The Oceanographic Museum


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06AA3D5D-418C-4800-9BA2-C525D0A255B6 Created with sketchtool.