Phenomen: Axiom '

Phenomen: Axiom

Mar 19, 2018

March 19, 2018

A New Brand Born Of Unified Ideas 

The heart of the matter for Alexandre Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Phenomen, is the intersection of design and technique, of styles and materials, of dreams and reality. “I come from the world of automobiles where the body design counts as much as the engine. I wanted to transpose this coherent vision and unification to the world of watchmaking, not without adding a personal touch, innovative, audacious, and based on aspects of French culture,” notes Meyer.

Next came the meeting of ingenuity and creation. When the paths of Alexandre Meyer and Sylvain Nourisson crossed, the result was the formation of a team determined to explore new opportunities. The former is an engineer and designer, the latter a watchmaker and creator. Maxime Colson, who designs watch prototypes, quickly joined the founding duo. 

From the first sketch to the final assembly, every step in creating a watch is made in Besanc, France. The fabrication of the watch movement is entrusted to independent specialists, with the “Swiss Made” label, in the same way as Atokalpa, La Joux Perret, or Mimotec.


Phenomen, the first creation for the Axiom brand, is subtle yet strong, with two characteristics essential to a watch: showcasing the movement and an original design. 

With its rare complexity, the case allows the movement to be angled, with an amphitheatre layer, allowing for legible time readout. This architecture inspires special visual emotion with the spectacular arrangement of the emblematic elements of the movement such as the balance wheel or the escape wheel.

Evoking an aerodynamic silhouette, the trapezoid lines of the bezel and its truncated vertical termination recall the backs of certain iconic cars such as the Ferrari 365 GTB 4 Panther Shooting or the unmistakable lines of the Mustang Fastback.

The movement of a marine chronometer is not built flay, but on several levels. The PH-010 movement is the same, with a first layer housing the two barrels as well as the finishing gear train

and the winding system. The two retrograde displays are located on a second level. And finally, a third level contains the escape wheel. Seen in profile, the movement has the shape of a semi-pyramid. 

In addition, the PH-010 movement comprises multiple original technical solutions, in tribute to golden age of horology. From the shape of the bridges to the utilization of pillars to support the third level, each aspect of this watch illustrates the extreme care put into every detail, and is a testament to the love of beautiful work.

Axiom stands out for its original and direct time readout, with a display of 100 degrees. This allows the human eye to immediately see the time without having to scan the 360 degrees of a traditional timepiece.

Key points: Phenomen, an independent luxury French watchmaker, combines strong horological design with a precision movement, both symbols of their bold and original “French Touch.”

Le plus: Axiom represents the ultimate French watch for those who are passionate about automobiles. This watch recalls the dials of a sports car, and has earned its place in the long tradition of driver’s watches, or timepieces created for racecar drivers. The ultimate goal: to put the time on the wrist of a driver so they don’t have to take their eyes off the road.

Characteristics: Double retrograde hour and minute readout on raised amphitheatre setting with integrated 3D hands; Independent correction for hour and minutes; Grade 5 titanium case; Upper and lower sapphire crystal with anti-reflection treatment; Two crowns; Waterproof to 30 meters; Twin-barrel mechanical movement with manual rewinding; Exclusive Phenomen variable inertia balance wheel; 100 hours of reserve power; Alligator strap; Exclusive grade 5 Titanium folding buckle.

Price: 69 600 €

Coming soon on Paris and Geneva


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