SEA MEMORY New limited-edition stingray collection

Mar 12, 2020

Just by doing a little window shopping, you quickly realize that the Sea Memory boutique in St Barth is unusual. This cabinet of curiosities, the only one of its kind on the island, puts the spotlight on high-quality, luxury, and custom-made objects.
Sea Memory presents a series of limited-edition tableaux designed in St Barth by Edouard Lacour. As he is wont to do, Edouard opted to include exquisite materials such as mother of pearl, shagreen, and parchment in his latest work. Shagreen is a leather made from the skin of a stingray (Dasyatis Sephen) imported from Indonesia, while his parchment comes from goatskin. You’ll just love the pair of cards where the marriage of these two materials is magnificent. The American flag stands out as well, with its blocks of mother of pearl. The exceptional quality of the pieces and the precision of the finishing provide extra texture and an interesting use of the iridescent seashell. The stars on the flag truly sparkle. Which do you like best?

Key points: The unique use of shagreen in Lacour’s designs; each edition limited to five pieces.
Plus: If you have another idea in mind, you can realize your desires. From fine leatherwork to jewelry by way of furniture, Sea Memory likes to work with shagreen in the fabrication of custom-made pieces. International shipping possible.
Characteristics: Wall tableaux incorporating shagreen (stingray skin, Dasyatis Sephen), parchment (goatskin), and mother of pearl. Limited editions, made in France.
Pair of dice: 45 cm x 45 cm with 4 hanging positions
Pair of cards: 88 cm x 84 cm
American flag: 115 x 60 cm
English flag: 100 cm x 50 cm
Prices: Starting at 5,900€
Address: Rue du Roi Oscar II – 97133 St Barthélemy
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