St Barth: 9 months after Hurricane Irma

May 17, 2018

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St Barth was devastated by hurricane Irma. But thanks to extremely hard work by everyone, the island is back on its feet, and the best spots for fun and relaxation await you: white-sand beaches, surfing, diving, shopping, festivities... 



80% of the island’s rental villas are now taking reservations. A C C E S S puts you in direct contact with the largest villa rental agencies in St Barth: Wimco, SiBarth, St Barth Properties, St Barth VIP, Barnes International, Missimmo... Check out the best villas available on the island. 



More than half of the island’s hotels are already open, while most of the others will be open before the Christmas-New Year’s holidays, even as early as October 2018 for some. Now under renovation, their goal is to welcome you back next season to completely restored luxury properties where every detail is perfectly presented. Start making your reservations for next season in St Barth now!


New this season:

• The 5-star Manapany, beachfront location surrounded by lush tropical vegetation


Hotels that are open:

Le Christopher

Villa Marie


Les Ilets de la Plage

Le Village St Barth

Villa Lodge 4 Epices

Auberge de Terre Neuve

Baie des Anges

Le Nid D’Aigle


Le Ti Morne

• Les Ondines

• Les Sucriers

• Saline Garden

• Tom Beach ...


Reopening starting in October 2018:

Le Toiny: October 15

Le Barthélemy: October 28

Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France: December

Le Sereno: December

Emeraude Plage



Reopening 2019:

Le Guanahani

Eden Rock - Reopening Late 2019

Le Tropical



Most of the restaurants in St Barth are now open.

One of the nice surprises this season was the opening of several new restaurants on the island. Check out their menus and reserve your table now!

New this season:

Fish Corner

Quartier Général


Le Manapany

Bohemia by Maman

Le Papillon Ivre


Beach restaurants that are open:

Nikki Beach

• Eden Rock Lorient

Pearl Beach (Tom Beach)


Restaurants that are open:


L’esprit de Jean Claude Dufour



Le Ti St Barth

Black Ginger


Mango (Le Christopher)

François Plantation (Villa Marie)



La Langouste

Yo Sushi Mania

25 Quarter

Le Repaire

Maya's to Go

Grain de sel



You can get to Saint Barth in under an hour from Puerto Rico or Antigua with flights on Tradewind Aviation. Another option is to fly from the USA to Princess Juliana Airport in Sint Maarten. From there, Winair and St. Barth Commuter have regularly scheduled flights to Saint Barth.



7 October 2017, GOOD NEWS!

Go to the beach in St Barts.

You can now swim on the following beaches in St Barth: St Jean west by the airport, Shell Beach, Lorient, & Public.

These beaches have been cleaned and the water is clear, as per an announcement made by the Collectivity of St Barthélemy, with a PARTIAL lifting of the no-swimming ban.


St Barts Hurricane Damage: One Month After Irma

October 5, 2017

It has been one month since hurricane Irma hit our island. Everyone has exhibited great strength and solidarity in face of the damage caused by hurricane Irma in St Barts. The island has seen a huge flurry of post-Irma recovery activity in St Barts to welcome the first tourists of the season. 



Electricity and water have been restored in the majority of areas in St Barths after the damage caused by Irma. Professionals, volunteers, and residents alike have given generously of their time to make our beautiful island shine once again. After huge clean-up and post-Irma recovery efforts in St Barths, the island’s neighborhoods, beaches, and landscapes are looking good and St Barths is recovering nicely post-Irma.



The travel agency, Elan Voyages in St Barts, has provided us information about flights from the United States to St Barts. Several American airlines are already flying to Puerto Rico. There are also flights to St Barts via Antigua with Tradewind Aviation. Saint Martin’s Princess Juliana Airport is operational as of October 10.



Our current priority is to provide a complete, up-to-date list of rental villas and hotels in St Barts that will be ready to welcome guests as of Thanksgiving 2017.

Many of the rental villas were spared by hurricane Irma in St Barts. You can find the best villas available on A C C E S S, in our villa listings. Take advantage of our personalized reservations service which works with the most important rental agencies in St Barts: Wimco, SiBarth, St Barth Properties, St Barth VIP, Barnes International, Missimmo...



Auberge de Terre Neuve, Baie des Anges, Le Nid D’Aigle, Sunset, Le Village St Barth, Les Ilets de la Plage, Les Ondines, Les Sucriers, Saline Garden, Le Ti Morne, Tom Beach, Villa Lodge 4 Epices, will be ready to welcome you as of late October.

The reopening of additional hotels in St Barth post Irma—Le Cheval Blanc, Eden Rock, Emeraude Plage, Le Barthélemy, Le Christopher, Le Toiny, Le Tropical, Villa Marie—is expected sometime during 2018. The staff at each of these luxury properties is investing all they can to get their doors open as soon as possible. As they make announcements, you will find their opening dates directly on our website.



A large number of restaurants are ready to reopen in St Barths post-Irma:  

October: Black Ginger, Eddy’s, L’Esprit de Jean Claude Dufour, Isola, Isoletta, La Langouste, Yo Sushi Mania, L'Oubli, Le Select, 25 Quarter, Le Repaire, Galawa , Le Jardin, Le Vietnam, Saveurs Island, Au Regal, L'Ardoise, and Les Bananiers 

November: Le Ti St Barth, La Cantina, Tamarin, Orega, and Maya’s To Go

December: La Plage, Shellona, ​​La Guérite, Maya’s, Le Toiny, and Le Bagatelle

February: Nikki BeachBonito

March: Mango et Taïno (Restaurants of the hotel Le Christopher)



We have polled various professionals on the island to compile all of this important information for you. Please consider everything carefully as ongoing work or unexpected events might cause some places to reopen later than originally planned.

However, we will do all we can to continue to provide real-time updates as correctly as possible.

Stay connected with us for access to the latest news, in Le Mag, in our Saint Barths Post-Irma section.



Seasoned sailing fans and newcomers will be glad to know that The Bucket Regatta will take place as planned in March, Les Voiles de Saint-Barth in April, and the 14th edition of the Transat AG2R in May 2018.

In January 2018, music lovers can reserve their trips for the annual St Barts Music Festival.

ACCESS is your best source of current information for opening dates and photos of Saint Barth post-Irma!

See you soon!


St Barts after Irma



In 1995, hurricane Luis ravaged Saint Barth. The very next day Saint Barth started to recover. Today, Saint Barth is distressed, yet far from being destroyed.

The legendary bar, Le Select, a popular meeting point, sets the tone with its reopening. Guided by force and willpower, Gustavia is coming back to life as the Bar de L’Oubli is also back in business.

“Living in a high-risk area, we are prepared for hurricanes, and have drawn conclusions from past years in order to protect ourselves as much as possible,” explains Hervé Brin, the owner of La Ligne Saint-Barth. “Our goal is to open this week to in order to ensure work for our staff, close to 25 families, and guarantee our exports,” he adds, with a sense of motivation.

As of Thanksgiving 2017, fans of St Barth will be able to vacation in the hotels and villas that are available, such as the Le Village Saint-Barth, a charming hotel that overlooks the bay of Bay of Saint Jean, which will be open.

Images of the damage are impressive, but once this hillside enclave is once again nestled in tropical vegetation, its panoramic views will be every bit as beautiful.


The island is rebuilding day-by-day, thanks to the support of its residents, reinforced by professionals, and the deployment of major resources. The hotels, villas, restaurants, and luxury boutiques hit by hurricane Irma are working hand-in-hand to manage the situation and quickly establish a plan of action. The 2018 Saint Barth season is getting organized and you will be the first to be kept up to date.


Solidarity, mutual assistance, and unity are the buzzwords after hurricane Irma hit Saint Barth. As if motivated by the same energy, the islanders are taking care of each other quite naturally as they participate in the planning of the 2018 Saint Barth tourist season.


Most residents of the island are staying after Irma. Why leave? Life is getting back to normal little by little and everyone is determined to advance in the same direction: rebuild everything to get back to an ordinary lifestyle.

To all of you who love the island, our loyal American and European visitors… in response to your messages of support, we can assure you that Saint Barth will be as ready as possible for the 2018 season. Keeping Saint Barth as your next vacation destination is the most since proof of your love for the island, and we thank you for this support.



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