BMW VISION NEUE KLASSE The concept that redefines the future of the automobile

Sep 13, 2023

An electric, digital and ecological revolution for a promising future


BMW’s Neue Klasse, presented at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, is much more than just an electric car. With its futuristic design that blends tradition and modernity, it embodies BMW’s bold vision of environmentally-friendly mobility and technological innovation.


At first glance, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse captivates with its sleek lines and sophisticated details. This icon of the German brand embodies the harmonious encounter between a welcoming, serene presence, clean lines and a streamlined interior design that is warm and comfortable, yet resolutely modern. The vehicle retains BMW’s emblematic elements while infusing a new dynamic.


Inside, the advanced digital experience offered by BMW Panoramic Vision, a central screen and voice commands, transports drivers to a new era of connectivity. Luminous fabrics and eco-responsible materials define the cabin, creating an atmosphere that is both luxurious and respectful of the environment.

But there’s more to the BMW Vision Neue Klasse than its looks. Equipped with sixth-generation BMW eDrive technology, it offers 30% greater range and 30% faster recharging. This breakthrough demonstrates BMW’s commitment to sustainable mobility, enabling drivers to cover greater distances without compromise.


The cutting-edge technology of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse is not limited to electric propulsion. Thanks to its latest-generation assisted driving system and artificial intelligence, the vehicle learns the user’s driving habits to offer a personalized and safe driving experience. As a result, drivers can enjoy a worry-free journey, while helping to reduce CO2 emissions.


In short, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse embodies BMW’s vision of the future of mobility. This electric, digital and ecological revolution marks a major turning point for the German brand, which is resolutely committed to environmentally-friendly driving without compromising driving pleasure. With its futuristic design, cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation, BMW remains true to its reputation as a pioneer in the automotive industry.


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