Discover Serpent Boheme at Diamond Genesis
Dec 17, 2021

Serpent Bohème, an iconic collection from the Maison Boucheron, has sparkled over the years as a classic illustration of the company’s excellent artistry and savoir-faire. It reflects a subtle combination of precious materials and the timeless virtuosity of the jewelers.

The honeycomb structure allows light to illuminate the stones that adorn each of these jewels, as well as the twisted chain, a signature Boucheron element that adds elegance to each piece.
The chiseled gold for the serpent motif reflects the scales of a snake that seem to come alive with magnetism through contact with the skin.

Over more than 50 years, the serpent motif has been set with turquoise, lapis lazuli, or white mother-of-pearl, but has never lost its original spirt.

For 2021 Spring edition, the classic design multiplies its motifs and styles while revisiting its initial diamond paving. This time there are earrings in white gold and diamonds, a necklace liberally inspired by the 70s in malachite studded with gold pearls, as well as lovely chain bracelets whose drops of yellow gold are set with round diamonds on both sides.

Bridging panache and softness, the styles in this collection perfectly reflect a Boucheron woman: free, fantastic, and sensual.

Key points:

  • Wide choice of styles (1 pendant, 3 necklaces, 3 bracelets, 3 earrings)
  • The pendant can also be worn as a clip
  • Mix and match pieces

Plus: This collection blends affirmed styles with those that are more discrete.

Characteristics: 2021 Spring Collection styles : Pendant, Torque Necklace, Choker Necklace, Tassel Necklace, Bangle Bracelet, Pompom Bracelet, Chain Bracelet, Stud Earrings, Creole Hoops, Dormeuses Earrings.
Materials : White Gold, Yellow Gold, Malachite, Diamonds.

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