Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle De France

Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle De France

To experience the art of self care at the st barth summer camp yoga challenge
Jul 02, 2021
Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France invites guests to a month-long wellness workshop from July 15 to August 15, 2021 led by Diana Bourel, a yoga teacher and therapist with more than 30 years of experience. Gathering together practitioners from around the globe and experts in modalities from yoga to sound healing and from osteopathy to breathing techniques, the month-long study is designed to be accessible for guests on the island for only a few days while also providing a deeper level of immersion for those committed to a longer wellness journey.
Bourel created the program to help guests better understand the mind body effects of the past year and how to embrace and transform these changes. The daily weekday schedule offers several morning, afternoon and evening yoga practices, including mid morning daily aqua yoga on Flamands Beach to complement more traditional on land sessions. Evening meditation and Zen practices will help guests wind down from the day. On the weekend, Yoga University includes guided hikes and aqua yoga alongside workshops and discussions with international guest teachers and healers.
The weekday ateliers are complimentary for guests of the Maison. Saturdays and Sundays Yoga University with international speakers are open to guests with a supplement.
Bourel has been practicing in St-Barth since 1999 and has developed the “Art of Self Care” a multi-modal, broad spectrum approach wrapped around a core of yoga, meditation, personal growth, and mindfulness practices. Bourel designed this summer’s program to directly address the challenges faced as the world reopens, stating: “As the chaos subsides, we are coming back out, re-emerging in a sort of happy disbelief to the lives reshaped by Covid. There is an eagerness to get ‘back to normal’ but in taking another look, we may see that things have shifted.”
Embracing the theme of “From Fragmentation to Re-emergence, Celebrating our Golden Brokenness”, the ateliers will explore how to transform the challenges of the past year. Bourel explains, “In the yogic philosophy, the idea of unmani encompasses the formless awareness, an understanding of the impermanence and change as central to the human experience. In cultivating compassionate sensitivity and investigating our flaws and breaks not as events that need to be hidden or concealed but as milestones to be applied in our path forward, we begin to repurpose and recompose with the fragments of our new reality.”
St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge guest teachers include:
•Dr. Sue Simring – Columbia University trained therapist, whose mind body approach creates depth and understanding about how the body holds emotions
•Greg Bosc – Soundscape artist and healer will offer a guided meditation supported by sound therapy
•Santhanam Narasimhan – Leading Iyengar yoga instructor will co-teach morning classes
•Sundar Balasubramian – Cell biology researcher who is the founder and director of PranaScience Institute, studying the effects of pranayama, the practice of yogic breathing techniques
•Jessica Toral – Herbalist trained in the Meso-Amazonian healing traditions of Peru will share how to biodiversify the world view of wellness
•Niccole Toral – Cofounder of Mesa Vista Wellness in Sante Fe, who incorporates ancient healing practices from North and South America
•Olivier Dorne – Practitioner of deep tissue osteopathy who helps the body release metabolic or emotional trauma stored in the body
•Romain Vallet – Osteopath who combines eastern medicine with the latest in osteopathic science
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