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Sep 20, 2023

Comtessa, a rising star in the art world, lights up the world with her inexhaustible creativity and free spirit.


A self-taught artist, she calls herself an autodid’artiste, which allows her to give free rein to her imagination unhindered by rules or conventions.


Comtessa’s creations are unique and diverse, ranging from paintings to lamps, sculptures and jewelry, depending on her inspiration of the moment. She explores a variety of techniques and uses a wide range of materials, from plaster to resin, 3D printing to wood, and even reclaimed materials such as everyday objects.


In an upcycling approach, she transforms plastic trays, aluminum containers and other discarded objects into veritable works of art. One of her creations bears the evocative inscription:


“It’s here, not in our oceans”.


Comtessa doesn’t confine herself to the usual categories to describe her creations, preferring to classify them as body, decorative or wall jewelry. Each piece she creates is fashioned by hand, with passion and meticulousness, without recourse to industrial machinery.


As a result, each creation carries a unique imprint, a finger movement or a fragment of soul.

Whether you’re an art lover, an emerging talent hunter or a decorator, Comtessa’s creations are sure to captivate you. Her ability to transcend raw materials and transform them into dazzling works of art is an inspiration to all who seek to push the boundaries of creativity.


About Comtessa: The Person Behind the Pseudonym


A Belgian artist of Polish origin, Comtessa has inherited an innate artistic talent. Brought up in a family where recycling and reuse were valued, she has integrated upcycling as an essential component of her creations.


Despite her lack of academic training, Sonia proudly describes herself as a graduate of the high school of life.

She overcame her impostor syndrome and dared to share her creations with the world.

Comtessa’s creations quickly gained recognition for their original and unique style. For her, art is more than just a passion; it’s a fundamental need, a healthy drug.


Ideas fly through her mind like a shower of shooting stars, and she never stops creating, in search of the time that’s always insufficient to bring all her inspirations to life.


Take a look at her website: Comtessa Créations




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