DIOR & PARLEY.TV Revolutionary Ecological Collaboration

May 31, 2024

In a world where sustainability is becoming a crucial priority, the collaboration between Dior and Parley.tv stands out as a model of innovation and ecological commitment in the fashion industry. Now in its third year, their partnership continues to push the boundaries of sustainable design and raise awareness of the need to protect our oceans.


Third Capsule Collection: Ongoing Commitment



For the third year running, Dior and Parley have launched a capsule collection of beachwear that illustrates their shared vision of an eco-innovative future for fashion. The 2024 collection is remarkable for its exclusive use of innovative materials. In particular, 30% of the garments are made from Parley Ocean Plastic®, transforming each piece into a true “Symbol of Change”. This initiative underlines both partners’ commitment to supporting the environmental cause and promoting a material revolution.


Innovative Materials and Sustainable Design


Dior and Parley’s 2024 collection is made up of 100% innovative materials, incorporating textiles designed to minimize environmental impact. Using Parley Ocean Plastic®, the designers transform marine waste into high-quality garments that combine elegance and durability. This revolutionary approach demonstrates how fashion can play an active role in protecting the environment.


Palette of Mineral Colors and Marine Patterns


The pieces in the collection are sublimated by a palette of mineral colors ranging from aqua green to blue tones, enhanced by shades of white and gray. The DIOR Italique graphic signature or the emblematic DIOR Oblique adorn these unique models, which include waterproof capes, t-shirts and H-Town sandals.



A coral motif, celebrating the splendor of the marine world, magnifies a short-sleeved shirt, shorts and even a bucket hat, adding an artistic touch to this already exceptional collection.


Accessories of the Season: Flexibility and Durability


The season’s bags, such as the Dior 8 and the reversible multi-purpose tote, are made from lightweight fabrics, promising flexibility, durability and functionality. These accessories embody a modern, casual look, while reflecting the collection’s commitment to the environment.


An Inspiring Example for the Fashion Industry


The collaboration between Dior and Parley is an inspiring example of how fashion can commit to a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly approach. By wearing these pieces, every consumer contributes to protecting the oceans and building a more responsible future.


This initiative shows that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand, offering a vision of a future where fashion and ecology meet in harmony.


In conclusion, the third capsule collection from Dior and Parley.tv is not only an aesthetic success, but also a powerful message of change. By adopting these creations, we all participate in preserving our planet and promoting sustainable fashion.



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