DIOR Sneakers, Symbols of Elegance and Comfort

May 02, 2024

Dive into the exquisite universe of Dior sneakers, footwear jewels that beautifully combine elegance with unmatched comfort. Discover a diverse range of models, each embodying a unique and refined style:


B23 Sneakers:


These iconic sneakers, available in high-top or low-top, feature the Dior Oblique pattern or animal prints. Made with technical canvas and a translucent rubber sole, they’re a timeless staple, perfect from day to night.




High: €990

Low: €890


Minimalist and modern, these low-top sneakers proudly display the contrasted Dior logo on the side. Crafted in smooth calfskin or metallic leather, their notched rubber sole makes them versatile, ideal for casual or sophisticated outfits.


Price: €920


Dior Vibe Sneakers:


For a trendy and dynamic look, choose the Dior Vibe lace-up sneakers.


Price: €990


Their oversized sole and the embossed Dior logo at the back add a touch of modernity.


Made in suede calfskin or patent leather, these shoes with metallic or fluorescent details are perfect for a sporty chic look.


Dive into the world of luxury fashion with Dior sneakers, showcasing their meticulous design, impeccable quality, unmatched comfort, and unparalleled versatility.


Compare them with other prestigious brands or pair them with Dior ready-to-wear pieces for flawless style.


Let yourself be inspired by photos of celebrities and influencers proudly wearing these fashion masterpieces.


Dior sneakers are much more than just a pair of shoes; they are works of art that will elevate your wardrobe for any occasion.


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