GENEO PRO Produce Your Own Drinking Water

Aug 06, 2023

Discover the GENEO PRO atmospheric water generators for individuals and professionals. The perfect solution for the island, their technology produces potable water from humidity and transforms it into mineral water ready to drink.

Manufactured in Europe by GENAQtropicalized and distributed in the French West Indies by GENEO PRO, the generators are  approved by the World Health Organization, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and European Union Directive 98/83/EC.

Auditive comfort and optimal performance: in order to avoid sound pollution and benefit from optimal performance, all of the generators can be installed outside.


No more plastic water bottles! With a GENEO PRO atmospheric water generator, you can produce 50L, 200L, or 500L of potable water per day directly at your home.  

In conjunction with your cistern, the generator will provide pure water throughout the year.


A solution already adopted by Eden Rock, the GENEO PRO machines can make enough potable water for various aspects of a property. They can supply water for a hotel or a restaurant with a production capacity between 4,500L and 150,000L per day.


The result of a technology developed over 20 years ago,  the efficiency of the GENEO PRO generators has been proven again and again, especially in cases of urgent need, such as a natural  catastrophe or a drought.


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