JAQUET DROZ Grande Seconde Dual Time

Jul 16, 2019

Jaquet Droz has revealed an updated version of the Grande Seconde Dual Time. The best traveling companion, the Grande Seconde Dual Time has been reinvented to become more modern and elegant than ever. Two time zones (local and your home base) and the date: these essential elements are key to all watches used by travelers.

Today, this new version has been modified extensively from an aesthetic point of view. Using a twin-barrel movement with automatic winding (with spiral and anchor in silicon), Jaquet Droz redesigned the visual presentation by adding a map, nestled in the lower part of the classic figure-eight motif of the Grande Seconde Dual Time collection.

The map displays the surface of the earth on a flat plane, as seen from the North Pole. For a modern look, Jaquet Droz opted for a powered finish to give the continents an earthy texture, adding realism and volume.

Another major innovation for this new Dual Time collection: the 24-hour indication of your home time is divided into two 12-hour segments, allowing for a

differentiation of day (white segment) and night (black segment). This makes reading the time easier and more intuitive. The local time, shown in the upper portion of the Grande Seconde Dual Time dial, is regulated by jumps of an hour, making it faster to set upon arrival at one’s destination. The date adjusts automatically to the time change, and is indicated by a lacquered, red-tipped hand that sweeps a polished gold ring.

Key points: The Grande Seconde Dual Time presents a minimalist, modern look that the savviest travelers can wear at all times, especially on their journies around the world.

Plus: In addition to this version, there are three others in the collection. Jaquet Droz also created a model with a stainless steel case and silver opaline dial. The two remaining versions come in 18K red gold (ivory or black Grand Feu enamel dial), which evokes the classic heritage of Jaquet Droz.

Characteristics: Stainless steel model with onyx dial

Price: 17,900€

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