LE COYA An exotic culinary journey in the heart of Paris

Sep 12, 2023

Nestled in the heart of Paris, le Coya offers a unique gastronomic experience, blending Latin American flavors, enchanting ambiance and attentive service.


This iconic restaurant offers a menu fusing the culinary traditions of Peru, Argentina and Brazil, prepared with fresh, top-quality ingredients. Whether you love succulent meat, exquisite seafood or vegetarian dishes, le Coya will seduce you with its unique culinary creations.


The Coya warm and friendly atmosphere makes it an ideal venue for any occasion, be it a romantic dinner, a business meeting or a special celebration. Wine lovers will be delighted by the selection of refined wines and creative cocktails on offer at the bar.


Since its opening, le Coya has won over the taste buds of Parisians and visitors from all over the world. Reservations are strongly recommended to enjoy this exceptional culinary experience.


Get ready for an exotic culinary journey at Coya, where the vibrant flavors of Latin America will transport you in a whirlwind of delights.


Discover the restaurant >> Coya

Adresse :
83 Rue du Bac 75007 Paris

Téléphone : 

01 43 22 00 65


Le Coya

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