RANGE ROVER SPORT SV 2023 A Perfect Fusion of Luxury and High Performance

Nov 15, 2023


Discover the pinnacle of automotive performance, combining innovative technology and bold design.


The luxury automotive world is buzzing with the arrival of the all-new Range Rover Sport SV.

With high-performance features and exclusive design, this vehicle embodies elegance and power. The Range Rover Sport SV is powered by a 4.4-liter MHEV V8 twin-turbo petrol engine, delivering an impressive 635 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque.


Compared to the previous generation, it offers an increase of 60 horsepower and 50 Nm, enabling the vehicle to reach a top speed of 290 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.


But it’s not just the power that makes the Range Rover Sport SV renowned. Its design has been carefully crafted to improve airflow and enhance its high-performance capabilities. Lightweight and technical functional materials have been used to create a more assertive body, while the interior offers unparalleled refinement.


Comfort is also a priority, with a “Body and Soul” seat equipped with the latest embedded sensory audio technology, providing an immersive sound experience and increased well-being for the occupants.


One of the most impressive features of the new Range Rover Sport SV is its 6D Dynamics suspension system, the most advanced in its class. Combining interconnected hydraulic dampers, height-adjustable air dampers, and tilt control, this revolutionary semi-active suspension significantly reduces pitch and roll of the vehicle, ensuring optimal handling in tight corners and powerful accelerations.

Additionally, with wider rear tires than front tires, the Range Rover Sport SV offers improved grip, stability, and traction, enabling it to generate lateral acceleration exceeding 1.1G.


The new Range Rover Sport SV is also equipped with specially developed chassis components, a new electronically assisted steering rack, and optional Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes, providing exceptional braking performance.

These features, combined with reduced weight through the use of 23-inch carbon fiber wheels, contribute to improved maneuverability, quicker acceleration, and superior driving quality.


As the most powerful and dynamic model of all time, the Range Rover Sport SV is the crown jewel of the Range Rover Sport family. It marks the beginning of a new era, with a renewed lineup and exciting developments to come, including a 550-horsepower electric hybrid and the latest Pivi Pro infotainment system.


The new Range Rover Sport SV is an automotive masterpiece that combines luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology. With its bold design, powerful engine, and high-performance features, it offers an unparalleled driving experience.


Available in a limited “SV EDITION ONE” edition, this automotive gem is reserved for a select, invitation-only clientele. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exceptional vehicle that pushes the boundaries of performance and luxury.


Price: €75,000



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