RIMOWA DISTINCT When leather meets exceptional craftsmanship

Nov 15, 2023

RIMOWA, the famous German luggage manufacturer, unveils its latest collection, RIMOWA Distinct, which combines the artisanal heritage of the Maison with the timeless elegance of leather. This new range of luggage embodies the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, offering travelers a luxurious and refined travel experience.


The return of leather: With RIMOWA Distinct, the brand rekindles the use of leather, a naturally noble and elegant material. By using an innovative leather coating technique, the suitcases retain their shape while preserving the Maison’s iconic grooves.


This perfect combination of leather and iconic design gives the collection a unique aesthetic that is sure to captivate discerning travel enthusiasts.


An artistic collaboration: To showcase this new luggage collection, RIMOWA has chosen an exceptional artistic backdrop. The famous works of Pierre Soulages, a master of abstraction and light play with black, accompany the Distinct suitcases in an unprecedented advertising campaign. The Soulages Museum in Rodez thus becomes the stage for an unexpected encounter between art and luxury travel.


RIMOWA is proud to be the first brand to use this prestigious museum as a setting for an advertising campaign, thus highlighting the iconic works of the artist.


A tribute to craftsmanship excellence: The RIMOWA Distinct campaign pays tribute to the expertise and craftsmanship of Pierre Soulages, while emphasizing the Maison’s commitment to excellence. The suitcases feature grooves that evoke RIMOWA’s legendary aesthetic, but with a touch of unique texture and reflections, reminiscent of Soulages’ artistic universe.

This fusion of craftsmanship and art embodies RIMOWA’s DNA and reflects its commitment to offering exceptional products.


Distinct in style and color: RIMOWA’s Distinct cabin suitcases will be available from November 2nd in two elegant shades: classic black and timeless navy blue. These understated and sophisticated colors highlight the distinctive character of the collection, adding a touch of sophistication to every traveler who carries them.


With their modern look and optimal functionality, RIMOWA’s Distinct suitcases will undoubtedly become the preferred travel companions of connoisseurs who appreciate the harmonious blend of luxury and craftsmanship.

RIMOWA Distinct is much more than just a collection of leather luggage. It is the result of a meeting between the artisanal heritage of the Maison and the artistic talent of Pierre Soulages.


With this new range, RIMOWA continues to innovate while preserving its heritage, offering discerning travelers a unique travel experience where luxury and art come together in perfect harmony.



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