ST BARTH EXECUTIVE Launches Two New Regular Routes

Apr 19, 2024

New Developments:


St. Barth Executive has recently introduced two new regular flight routes, thereby strengthening its presence in the region.


Connection between St. Barthélemy and Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe):


– Since April 15th, St. Barth Executive has been offering regular flights between St. Barthélemy and Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe.


– The route is operated under the Air Inter Iles brand by St. Barth Executive, providing up to six flights a day during the peak season.


Connection between St. Barthélemy and San Juan (Puerto Rico):


– Starting from May 16th**, St. Barth Executive will expand its services by launching a regular route between St. Barthélemy and San Juan, Puerto Rico.


These new services are designed to enhance the travel experience for passengers, offering more flexibility and connectivity within the Caribbean region.

3. Pilatus P2012 STOL Aircraft:


– St. Barth Executive is the launch customer for the Pilatus P2012 STOL twin-engine aircraft, which is ideal for landings on short runways.


4. Convenience for Tourists and Locals:


– These new connections offer fast flights between the islands, in a spacious and comfortable business cabin.

Overall, St. Barth Executive plays a crucial role in the region’s air connectivity, providing convenient and quick links between the Caribbean islands.


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