le cafe de st barth: le timousse

April 5, 2019

Made in St Barth,

For fans of strong, robust coffee, Bruno Dubreuil, artisanal coffee roaster and founder of Café de St Barth has created an exceptional coffee on the island. This kind of brew, known as monsooned coffee, is transformed via humidification with seawater and salty breezes before being dried in the sun.

In the days of commerce by sailing ship, it took about six months for coffee sent from India or Indonesia to reach Europe. The humidity impacted the coffee, which fermented and changed color. Inspired by this lost tradition, Le Café de St Barth takes advantage of the climate in St Barthélemy, from the quality of the water and strong, salty winds to create a coffee that is unique in the world.

Key points: Le TImousse made in St Barth, is a specialty, monsooned coffee, unique in the world.

Plus: For an ever better flavor when drinking the coffee, it’s preferable to buy beans. The coffee should be consumed as close to roasting as possible and should be ground right before use.

Character: The taste of this coffee has a woodsy final note and a slightly bitter taste. 

Price: 10€ - 227g

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