April 10 2019

Rent This Beautiful Pearl

Elegant and distinctive, Villa Axel Rocks opens its doors to welcome you for a combination of luxury and relaxation. A creative, contemporary touch will delight you the moment you walk in. Unusual furniture, designer lighting, and beautiful works of art add a serious dose of charm.

The villa is ideal to unwind with friends or family. Every detail has been conceived for your absolute comfort: lovely spaces that open onto the main terrace, a headed infinity pool with a submerged bar, a fully equipped modern kitchen, private bathroom with terrace, pool table, king-size bed…

Villa Axel Rocks is ideally located in the heart of Gustavia. Boutiques restaurants, and discothèques are just a few steps away. Nestled on the hillside, this villa enjoys unblocked views of the Caribbean Sea.

Sibarth is proud to include this villa in its collection of private rental properties. For a unique experience, the agency provides a warm welcome and an array of services throughout your stay, including access to a concierge 24/7.

Characteristics: 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

Prices from $25,000 / week

Weekly rentals, more info here>> Sibarth


Andy Waugh Yacht Design: Epiphany

September 23, 2018,

The Elegance Of A Classic Design 

A 130meter super-yacht, Epiphany stands out with a unique silhouette inspired by a simplification of the classic yacht form and emphasized by bold graphics. The purity of the form is the result of simple sophistication, a concept derived from classic design.

The owner’s deck is vast, extending quite a bit further forward than on more conventional designs. The stateroom, a forward luxury cabin has an increased ceiling height with skylights and open views towards a private foredeck

Aft on this deck, there is a private cinema and an imposing office with adjacent space for personal assistants. Under the owner’s deck is a VIP terrace housing four, spacious premium cabins, each of which has a private balcony.
This terrace also has a cinema and game room in a large VIP salon, as well as a fully equipped fitness room and spa. The main bar principal opens on the aft deck, which features an open-air dining room. There are also another two VIP cabins on the deck and eight additional cabins.
On the lower deck, another cinema, dive center, and crew accommodations, with cabins that can accommodate up to 40 crew members and personnel.

Key points: The Epiphany concept utilizes the minimum of lines and structures to create an elegant effect, effect belying its practicality and large volumes of accommodation.

Plus: The main swimming pool is on the aft deck, and a large area that transforms to a heliport.

Contact Andy Waugh Yacht Design:



August 30, 2018

A Totally Different Yacht Project 

Tuhura is a yacht in a category of its own, a real standout in the market. Its exterior style evokes the earliest canoes: pirogues and other boats used hundreds of years ago by native populations around the world. The Polynesians, in particular, were great explorers, covering thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean in their outrigger canoes. The idea to revisit these early forms of navigation consists in reviving the spirit of exploration and discovery. In fact, the name of this yacht, Tuhura, is derived from the Maori verb to discover, bring to light unearth, open, explore, and investigate.

The main inspiration for the interior design comes from Eastern Asia and the islands of the Pacific. All of the systems onboard are intelligent: lighting, audio, video, temperature…

Key points: The design of Tuhura borrows the natural form of the earliest form of navigation: the canoe. The yacht is designed on a larger scale and features all of the latest technology.

Plus: The hull was created with multiple horizontal windows, using an advanced glass technology made up of a series of dots that stop prying eyes from looking in, but still allow guests on board to enjoy a seamless view out to sea, as if through a normal pane of glass. The windows appear to be the same color as the hull.

Characteristics: Length: 115m, draft (from waterline to bottom of hull): 3.9m, speed: 18 knots

Contact the yacht builder:




June 25, 2018

Intelligently designed to turn heads

Far from being fiction, this yacht is quite far from the ordinary. Imagined by Swedish design studio Gray Design, this revolutionary project is sure to delight car and boat aficionados the world over.

A sense of relaxation starts on the bridge. The open space and Jacuzzi provide the basics for relaxing and enjoying the sunny, expansive views. In fact, Xhibitionist has put the sun right in the heart of its functionality.

As if from under the hood of a sports car, solar panels unfold to create a large platform. In addition to providing energy for the yacht, they are robust enough to serve as a heliport, or a concert stage… Can you imagine listening to live music on this stage before 10,000 people in a marina? The size of these solar panels gives an idea of the yacht’s energy efficiency and its degree of tranquility while in port. The solar power also provides free energy for nighttime lighting.

The motors are clearly visible behind a large glass wall that allows for easy access for maintenance, and of course hours of amusement for those who love naval engineering. They will be especially impressed by the choice of hybrid drive system that controls this 85-meter nautical wonder (14-meter radius).

Key points: Based on the lines of a luxury sports car, the exterior shape reflects the creator’s designs for supercars (such as the Xhibit-G created in keeping with the Xhibitionist yacht concept).

Plus: Completely futurist, the extremely robust solar panels can serve as a helipad.

LOA 278 feet (85m)
Beam 39 feet (12m)
Speed 28 knots

Contact Gray Design:


Lexus: a new sport yacht concept

April 26, 2018

A high-performance premium yacht

The Lexus brand explores new areas of lifestyle and leisure with the introduction of high-performance premium yachts. The Lexus Sport Yacht concept is an exclusive, custom project not meant for mass production. Created by the Lexus Design Center in Toyota City, Japan, the goal was an “open” sport yacht, powered by twin Lexus V8 engines, with sophisticated design and excellent handling, designed for day cruises for six to eight passengers.

The design of the Lexus Sport Yacht features an upper deck and outer hull seamlessly bonded around the inner structure. Each of these elements is made from a single, massive hand-laid composite of two-part polyurethane epoxy resin reinforced with hand-laid woven carbon-fiber cloth, a composite material called carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, or CFRP (a polymer reinforced by carbon fiber also made by hand).

The yacht is powered by twin 5.0-litre V8 gasoline engines, which are based on the 2UR-GSE high-performance engines found in the Lexus RC F coupe, the GS F sport sedan, and the new LC 500 grand touring sedan. Each engine produces over 440 horsepower, which allows the yacht to reach speeds up to 49 miles per hour (43 knots) through a pair of hydraulically controlled inboard/outboard stern-drives. A bow-thruster with joystick control aids in docking.

From his position at the helm, the captain controls and monitors on-board systems from a color touch-screen panel.

The forward passenger cabin is tall enough to stand upright, inviting passengers into a luxurious setting that mixes Lexus leather with lovely wood and glass details. The boat also is equipped with a kitchen, and the fully fitted head includes a shower. An integrated audio-video entertainment system is fully networked, with 4G Wi-Fi & WAN.

Key points: Created by Lexus with advanced design and excellent handling, this “open” sport yacht for six to eight passengers is powered by twin V8 Lexus engines. 

Plus: Lexus has announced future production of a larger size luxury yacht.

Dimensions: Length: 42 feet; Width: 13 feet


Sabrina Monte-Carlo

March 28, 2018

“Perfection Lies In The Details”

Experts for interior and exterior design for the past 20 years, Sabrina Monte-Carlo provides a large selection of furniture, lighting, fabric, linens for the home, tableware, and decorative objects from the world’s leading brands. Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino, principal designer at Sabrina Monte-Carlo, and her staff have completed numerous projects from conception to completion: homes, chalets, yachts, and private jets.

What is your primarily area of design?

Sabrina Monte-Carlo provides a solution for those who are seeking excellence and want to stand out in every sense. That is why we provide our clients with a selection of the best products from the world’s top luxury brands from interior and exterior furniture to fine tableware, and accessories. By collaborating with these brands, we are able to offer our exacting clients an absolute elegance, unexpected combinations, and personalized designs, and no matter where you are, luxury is universal. 

What is your source of inspiration? 

I start from a simple concept: every client is unique and the design and accessories selected should take that into account. Certain clients know exactly what they want, which helps facilitate our task. Others give us carte blanche. That’s very exciting and it’s also a real challenge for us to fully understand the needs of our clients. In every case, we always offer our expertise and provide advice in the choice of different materials available, colors, textures, the art of mixing styles, the latest trends, and finally, technical questions. For example, aboard yachts due to strict regulations and the salty humid environment, certain standard materials can absolutely not be used.

How different is one project from another?

There are as many clients as there are projects. We strive to provide that which best reflects the personal taste and needs of the client. The key is the ultimate satisfaction of the client. All of our projects are interesting but I have to admit that yachts are always my favorite. Everything aboard a yacht must be thought out in advance. For example, the furniture must remain immobile while the yacht navigates through all kinds of bad weather. Numerous other factors must also be taken into account during the design process. Numerous other factors should be account for at the conception stage as well. Fabrics must be flame retardant, there must be sufficient storage space, and the colors on the inside and outside must be coherent to create a sensation of prolonging the interior spaces…

How much time does it take to complete a project? 

The length of a project depends on the project itself. For a 90-meter yacht, it could take us several months. On the other hand, a two-room apartment could be finalized in just a few weeks.

What are the different steps of a project?

Every project starts with a face-to-face conversation with the client. It is very important to understand their tastes and their lifestyle. The most essential thing is to know who they plan to use their property. For example, is a yacht designed for private cruising or will there be business meetings, will it sail more in the summer or the winter, do the clients have small children…

Key points: The success of their work rests on the much quoted aphorism by Michelangelo, describing the inspiration that motivated his endless quest for excellence: “Perfection lies in the details.”

Plus: Having designed more than 90 yachts, Sabrina Monte-Carlo is renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the world of yachting. Every project includes close collaboration with the shipyard, the naval architects, and the best-known designers.



Sabrina Monte-Carlo, 39 Avenue Princesse Grace 

Sabrina Monte-Carlo, 42 Boulevard des Moulins


+377 97 97 57 60

+377 97 70 44 97


Interviewed - Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino, Sabrina Monte-Carlo

Photos ©Yvan GRUBSKI / courtesy Sabrina Monte-Carlo


Sabrina Monte-Carlo: Galactica Super Nova

March 16, 2018

Designer Of More Than 90 Yachts 

Expert interior and exterior designers for the past 20 years, Sabrina Monte-Carlo provides a large selection of furniture, lighting, fabric, fine linens for the home, tableware, and decorative objects from the world’s leading brands. Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino, principal designer at Sabrina Monte-Carlo, and her staff have completed numerous projects from conception to completion: homes, chalets, yachts, and private jets.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo is especially renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the world of yachting. Every project includes close collaboration with the shipyard, the naval architects, and the best-known designers.

Galactica Super Nova

In collaboration with the leading Dutch shipyard, Heesen Yachts, and renowned naval architect Espen Oeino, Sabrina Monte-Carlo provided the luxurious interior and exterior furniture for the 70-meter Galactica Super Nova mega motor yacht. With a contemporary allure, combining teak and gray lacquer, the outdoor furniture is adorned with an impressive quantity of personalized cushions.

The brushed, highly polished stainless steel of the central staircase on the yacht has curved stairs protected by fine steel strips that appear to spin out of the central support post, hug the treads and then continue out to wrap the walls of the curved stair surround. The effect is striking, original, organic and reminiscent of a seashell.

Galactica Super Nova is aesthetically unified on all of the decks, interior and exterior: the yacht was conceived with a “beach-like” style that is modern, light, and pleasant. The look of every space is consistent, and the details are identical, from the captain’s bridge to the main deck and the beach club. There is diversity in the materials used and the ceiling styles that defines each space.

Over the period of a year, the team worked on selecting the tableware, stemmed glasses, and silverware in a refined, elegant style from some of the most prestigious European manufacturers. Works of art complete the sophistication of the interiors created by the renowned Dutch company, Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design. The warm interiors feature three different kinds of wood: sycamore, two types of wenge, and teak. The woodworking and cabinetry has a contemporary, smooth style that allows the richness and grain of the wood to be seen.

In terms of consistent design, all of the artwork aboard Galactica Super Nova is framed in the same wood and the same style as the wood used in each cabin, and adds to the continuity of the style and ambiance found throughout the yacht. Sabrina Monte-Carlo also worked hard on researching high-quality materials, innovative design, and personalization of the bed and bath linens, accessories, and amenities.

Key points: Galactica Super Nova evokes the motto of the design firm: Perfection Lies In The Details.

Plus: Decorative objects in various shades of blue—the signature color of Sabrina Monte-Carlo—brighten the subtle gray color scheme on the yacht.



Sabrina Monte-Carlo, 39 Avenue Princesse Grace 

Sabrina Monte-Carlo, 42 Boulevard des Moulins


+377 97 97 57 60

+377 97 70 44 97



March 2, 2018

The First Interactive, Multi-Touch Table

Make online purchases, surf the internet, check out the latest news, run a conference call or corporate presentation, play virtual pool, or share photos… all of this is now possible thanks to a simple touch of the finger right on your tabletop, while seated comfortably drinking a cup of coffee.

Inspired by a large digital tablet, Danilo Cascella, the designer of D-Table, has forged digital technology and contemporary design into one stylish unit. Quite impressive in its dimensions and innovative options, the high-tech interactive D-Table was conceived to beautifully blend into prestigious luxury environments: villas, yachts, offices, or private airplanes... 

Characteristics: Interactive digital table hand-crafted by specialized Italian furniture-makers, with five different models: D-Zero, D-Time, D-Cosmo, D-Monster, and D-Square, with a tactile Samsung screen, a Windows 10 operating systems, and additional software. 

Key points: With its multi-touch interface and wireless connection, the D-Table is the perfect solution for interactive presentations conferences, meetings, conventions, museums, hotels, and fun, engagement home entertainment.

Plus: A design style perfect for prestigious interiors, this interactive table can be entirely personalized.

Screen size: 48” or 55” and up to 84” for custom orders

Table Dimensions: Length: 4.5 ft, Width: 2.5 ft, Depth of table top: 4”

Price: 14,800 € to 36,000 €


ST-BARTH : Style Concept, Les Hauts du Carré d'Or, Gustavia

PARIS : D-TABLE SHOW ROOM JANET FABRE, 20 rue du Louvre, 75001, +33 1 40 20 42 40


Secret d'Atelier

December 5, 2017

The result is dramatic, with a desire to touch the floor.

A new luxury division of the Compagnie Française du Parquet (CFP), Secret d’Atelier is the first French brand to create luxurious parquet floors. The brand combines its historic sense of excellence with today’s innovative technologies to create its custom products.

Three Collections 

Secret d’Atelier offers three prestigious, high-quality collections: 

For its first collection, launched in 2016, Secret d’Atelier dives into a universe rich in the colors of one of the world’s most celebrated historic architects, Le Corbusier, and his fascinating design guide “Architectural Polychromy.”

Secret d’Atelier presented a second, equally prestigious collection: Illusion. An illusion, as if there were an object placed on the floor. There are no limits to Secret d’Atelier’s ability to create the impression of a 3D object. This effect in relief, if successful, reveals the very meticulous work of a legendary photographer. The challenge is to take a photo of a real object and reproduce it on the wood before the parquet floor is installed. As a result, anything is possible: works of art, motifs, logos, trompe-l'œil... this new form of interior architectural expression allows for the creation of interesting compositions using the best natural materials on the market.

The third Secret d’Atelier collection has just been inaugurated: Charred Wood, as inspired by an ancient Japanese technique.

An ambitious new project is also underway with French street artist Jules L'Atlas.

Key points: The first French brand to create luxury parquet floors, Secret d’Atelier is open to evaluating and working on all original and innovative projects by professionals, as well as individuals who want to cover their floors with extremely high-quality products.

Plus: Secret d’Atelier participated in the “Holiday House” project in London, working with French architect Philippe Maidemberg and in partnership with Roche Bobois. To support this initiative in the fight against cancer, Secret d’Atelier donated parquet from its first collection, Le Corbusier. 

Price upon request


PARIS : 129 boulevard St Germain - 75006

Cécilia Richard, Marketing director, 06 25 79 24 98


Palmer johnson: bugatti niniette 66

The makers of the world’s most powerful, fastest, most exclusive and luxurious production super sports car, Bugatti, and the world’s most innovative motor yacht builder, Palmer Johnson, announce the release of the Bugatti Niniette 66. This will be the first in a new series of yachts, starting from 50ft, up to 80ft.

The iconic companies have combined their pedigree in design, technology and performance into a fearless vision of the future of sport yachts. Inspired by the amazing Bugatti Chiron, the outcome of this powerful alchemy between Palmer Johnson and Bugatti is the limited edition Bugatti Niniette 66. The curving line that defines the sides of the Chiron is carried over to the 20-meter-long vessel that also inheritates the flagship blue of the car.

Makers of the fastest car in the world today, Bugatti was once a boat builder too. Commissioned to create a one-of-a kind speedboat in 1930 by Prince Carlo Maurizio Ruspoldi, founder Ettore Bugatti named this low on the water beauty the Niniette, surname of his youngest daughter Lidia.

The challenge was to create an innovative sport yacht based on the proprietary strengths of the two companies, while echoing the unmistakable design DNA of Bugatti.

A common vision of the future has made this dream a reality. Palmer Johnson’s history of building the world’s most groundbreaking yachts has been combined with Bugatti’s signature engineering traits such as the accentuated centre line, perfect symmetry and a sweeping signature curve.

The purity of design and perfect proportions of the Niniette create and leave an impression of magical beauty.


57 Rue Grimaldi
Monaco, 98000
Tel: +33 6079 32424


Amulette : against darkness

Amulette, the french word meaning; protection against darkness.

Expressed through the light and warmth provided by handwoven domestic designs, Amulette allows you to feel safe, warm and enveloped, in the most comforting way.

Just a little over two years ago, Annie Legault, the founder and creator of Amulette, received her BFA from the Fibres and Material Practices program at Concordia University.

Influenced by the 1960s and ‘70s, every piece for the Amulette collection is handmade by Annie. Jute, merino and alpaca wool are just some of the natural fibres that are used throughout Amulette’s collection. Hues range from the natural soft earth tones of ice and stone to a more woodsy palette of rustic greys and browns.

With her bold creations of inviting rugs, lamps, throws and hanging planters, Annie has captured a way, through her creations, to make people feel comfortable, safe, warm and beautifully enveloped in all that she makes.

An advocate for the process of “slow design”, Amulettes direction is to evoke a sense of cocooning, thus ensuring that every piece that has been created exudes a sense of comfort, warmth, quality and originality within your your home.

You can shop Annie Leagault’s creations at YUME, rout de Saline in St Jean.


Sea memory : cabinet of curiosities

Sea Memory resembles a luxurious flea market. There are as many objects as there are things to please every possible taste. Edouard Lacour and his parents run this cabinet of curiosities, the only boutique of its kind in Saint Barth.

How do you describe your boutique?

“When my parents were in Martinique, they ran a boutique with souvenirs, local crafts, and beachwear. In the late 80s, they fell in love with Saint Barth and decided 10 years later to open a furniture shop that quickly appealed to the island’s clientele. As for me, I was the manager of a luxury leather goods store for four years. Then I decided to work with my parents. Sea Memory opened in 1997. At first, the idea was to sell only objects inspired by the sea (model sailboats, naval-style furniture…). But my father was always interested in furniture and antiques so we developed a line of furniture and accessories for the home. The only thing we were sure of at the beginning was that we wanted to work only with luxury materials.”

Tell us about your style. How do you describe the Sea Memory furniture?

“Our boutique has our original designs, but there are also many objects by Italian, Belgian, French, and Asian artisans. These objects are very cosmopolitan as we cater to a clientele that travels a lot and they do not want to see the same things anyplace else. So we need to be unique and high quality. Of course you will also find the furniture created by my father. He is greatly inspired by Art Déco, while I prefer cleaner, more modern lines, which we infuse with such luxury materials as stingray skin, mother-of-pearl, parchment, bone, or horn. These materials give each object its own identity and unique style. They become objects of curiosity. We also make a lot of custom orders based on a specific size, material, or color. Today, for certain products, we offer as many as twelve colors. Our clients are given preferential treatment, as they expect a unique item.”

Another thing that is unique is the use of stingray skin in your designs. Tell us about that.

“The stingray skin (Dasyatis Sephen) comes from Indonesia and is like leather. The French name for it is “galuchat,” which comes from the name of a cabinetmaker for Louis XV in the 18th century, who was the first to use this exceptional material in France. When this skin is tanned, it becomes very resistant and is perfect as a veneer for wood. Along with parchment (goatskin), these are materials that have existed for a long time but are still rather unexploited. They require a special knowledge and they are expensive. But the result is magnificent. Many of our designs are made with stingray skin, and our clients can express their personal preference. From small boxes or cuff links to a large desk, we tailor our work to meet all of our clients’ needs. We also develop leather goods and jewelry with this skin, and like to work with it. Today, we would really like to maintain a spirit of curiosity in the boutique with both unusual accessories and more everyday objects. Their commonality is their originality. But in order to have more things, we’d have to expand the walls of boutique! Something to think about!”


Rue du Roi Oscar II


97133 St Barthélémy


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