JACOB & CO Explore the world of colored sapphires with the Astronomia Solar watch

Sep 13, 2023

Discover the pinnacle of 21st century watchmaking with the Astronomia Solar Baguette Icy Blue Sapphires watch from Jacob & Co. Synonymous with world-renowned watchmaking expertise, this exceptional timepiece pushes the limits of creativity and engineering to offer you a unique watchmaking experience. Immerse yourself in an interstellar voyage where every detail is an ode to astronomy.


The Astronomia Solar Baguette Icy Blue Sapphires features an ingenious mechanical construction that makes it a feat of multidisciplinary engineering. Its 44 mm case houses a truly artistic representation of our solar system, with 288-faceted Jacob-Cut® gemstone spheres symbolizing the planets, a hand-painted blue magnesium globe and a one-minute flying tourbillon. Every detail is meticulously designed to captivate your gaze and awaken your fascination with the universe.


The exclusive JCAM19 caliber, composed of 444 elements finished to the highest standards of haute horlogerie, powers this exceptional watch. Two rotating platforms provide spectacular movement: one turns the arms of the caliber, while the other rotates the diamond-set base dial. This complex animation adds an extra dimension to this celestial timepiece.


Astronomy-inspired details are omnipresent in the Astronomia Solar Baguette Icy Blue Sapphires. The 288-faceted Jacob-Cut® cut gemstones represent the planets, while the base dial is entirely set with 231 medium-blue sapphires, called Icy Blue, and adorned with hand-painted planets. Each element is carefully chosen and finely crafted to create a watch of unparalleled beauty.



The one-minute flying tourbillon, a 224-year-old horological invention, is spectacularly presented in the Astronomia Solar Baguette Icy Blue Sapphires. A rose gold titanium cage houses the balance wheel, balance spring and escapement wheel, adding a touch of sophistication and precision to this exceptional watch.


The 18-carat rose gold case, 44 mm in diameter and 21 mm thick, is a veritable showcase for this horological work of art. The diamond-set, baguette-cut lugs instantly draw the eye to the center of the watch, highlighting the universe that unfolds inside.


Immerse yourself in the celestial universe with the Astronomia Solar Baguette Icy Blue Sapphires watch from Jacob & Co. A perfect combination of watchmaking expertise, mechanical precision and extraordinary aesthetics. This exceptional timepiece will transport you to the stars and add a touch of magic to your wrist. Prepare to be dazzled by the infinite beauty of the universe.


Price :


This watch is part of the AstronomiaIls collection and ranges in price from €200,000 for a simple model to €1,000,000 for a more complex example.


The Universe watch by Jacob & Co is much more than a simple accessory. It’s a window to infinity, an invitation to explore the mysteries of the universe. Its price, reflecting its exclusivity and exceptional character, can be obtained from the official Jacob & Co website or from an authorized retailer.


Get ready to marvel at the infinite beauty of the universe unfolding on your wrist with the Jacob & Co Universe watch. A perfect combination of art, technology and elegance, this watch will captivate lovers of exquisite timepieces and astronomy enthusiasts alike. Explore infinity and add a celestial touch to your style with the Jacob & Co Universe watch.


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