Double latte? Super-strong espresso?
Feb 04, 2020

Bars & Clubs St Barth

Mid-morning for a little pick-me-up, at 4pm with something sweet… any time is good to enjoy a coffee, as long as it’s good! To make sure you get the best in town, stop by the Coffee Corner at La Crêperie.

To take-out, drink at a table inside or on the terrace, order it as you like it, a dash of milk or black, with or without sugar… you’ll become a regular visitor in no time. Those who already

stop by regularly will be the first to recommend the Coffee Corner’s enticing menu of hot and cold beverages.

Key points: La Crêperie restaurant in the heart of Gustavia was renovated a little over a year ago, and new owners Alexandra and Eric will be happy to serve you coffee at any time!

Plus: Salads, burgers, crêpes, dessert crêpes… La Crêperie is first and foremost a restaurant! Their lunch specials and varied menu have met with great success.

To discover the restaurant, "click on the addresse"


Rue du Roi Oscar II, ST BARTH


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