The Ultimate Organic Chic Champagne,
Jan 05, 2021

On an island where champagne is poured at every party, Leclerc Briant stands out for its vintages that are unique, chic, and 100% organic, with no use of pesticides in its natural production methods. A leading pioneer in biodynamic agriculture, Leclerc Briant produces champagnes that are placed among the best brands in France and highly acclaimed internationally. Sold in Saint Barth at La Cave du Port Franc, this extremely high-quality champagne is reasonably priced at 40€ per bottle and is exceptionally popular with the island’s American clientele. The respectful treatment of the vines and the grapes, plus meticulous attention to detail make Leclerc Briant the Hermes of champagnes.


When Frédéric Zeimett took over the general management of Leclerc-Briant in 2012, the future of this centuries-old champagne company was being questioned by a fair number of observors.

The brand had to start up again, from almost rock bottom, following the death of Pascal Leclerc-Briant, the last in a dynasty of champagne producers, whose origins date back to the 19th century. The majority of the vineyards were sold to competitors, and the American couple that purchased the company inherited only the buildings, the bottles ageing in the wine cellars, and several acres of grapevines.

In four short years, Leclerc-Briant has become a favorite of amateurs and confirmed connoisseurs of champagne, who rave about its sense of innovation and the introduction of new flavors. The French Review of Wines and the Bettane Desseauve Guide have written glowing reviews of the Champagne Blanc de Meuniers premier cru, made exclusively with pinot meunier, the “poor cousin” of the best champagne grapes. This was a first for this region,

where tradition is deeply rooted in the vineyards.

For a man with 30 years of experience in top management for such prestigious champagne companies as Moët et Chandon and Chapoutier, Frédéric Zeimett remains humble, and attributes his success to the talents of Hervé Jestin, his cellar master, an oenologist known for his love of biodynamic methods. “Hervé Jestin has a very original approach to his profession,” confides Frédéric Zeimett. “He’s like a wine whisperer. He pushes biodynamic methods to the extreme, both in the vineyards and in the wine cellar, which explains the true uniqueness of our wines.”

There is indeed a unique signature to the Leclerc-Briant brand, which is unique and easily recognizable in its champagnes, with their vibrant and precise character marked by a sense of fruitiness, delicious aromas, a distinct touch of salinity, and the almost total absence of sugar. This is champagne that presents itself without artifice, without pretense, and a wine with vegan certification that is presented in its most natural state.

Something happens during tastings,” adds Frédéric Zeimett. “There is a physiological reaction a very specific emotional response.”

Their leading cru, Divine Solera, is a perfect example. This perpetual vintage combines a symphony of flavors with several generations of wine that blend in perfect harmony. This represents the exceptional sense of refinement that defines the entire range of Leclerc-Briant Champagne.

You can also enjoy it at the Barthélémy Hotel, a 5-star establishment that recently opened in Grand Cul-de-Sac.

Price: 40€ per bottle
Address: Public – 97133 St-Barthélemy

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