St Barth Bejeweled
May 30, 2019

Nathalie Gumbs, founder of NG Création, presents her collection L’île de St-Barth, having collaborated with designer Gigi Clozeau on three new bracelets.

This design pays tribute to the special relationship between those who love St Barth and the island that they admire so much. The colors, each more luminous than the next, reflect the beauty of nature, the joy of living, and the love of others that reigns on this small rock of an island.

Discover a series of bracelets with pearls in colorful resin. These new bracelets blend finesse and quality as well as a dose of trendiness. And it’s all in the details: the island charm is set with


Key points: A shop not-to-be-missed during a shopping day in St Barth, where you can treat yourself to a beautiful bracelet set with diamonds!

Plus: Personalize your look by combining different pieces from the collection. And to add a touch of elegance, add the pendant necklace that goes with the bracelet.

This unisex bracelet comes in more than 40 colors, each a bit bolder than the next.

Bracelet with charm set in diamonds:

530 €:  Rose of white gold in 18K with small pearls of colorful resin and diamonds. Made in France, adult size 17 cm.

Necklace pendant:

135 €: Rose or white gold

390 €: Rose or white gold with diamonds

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06AA3D5D-418C-4800-9BA2-C525D0A255B6 Created with sketchtool.
06AA3D5D-418C-4800-9BA2-C525D0A255B6 Created with sketchtool.