Spend your Vacation in St Barths

Spend your Vacation in St Barths

Hotels, Villas, Restaurants & Bars open !!!
Jan 05, 2021

There’s no better place to head this winter than the chic, French Caribbean island of St Barthélemy. The weather is idyllic, the turquoise waters are warm, the pristine beaches are not crowded, and best of all the restaurants are open and serving delicious French and world fusion food with a Creole accent.

St Barth is one of the only regions in all of France where the hotels, bars, and restaurants, as well as many leisure activities, are open, making it the perfect refuge. Pack your bags today for a tropical getaway in a little slice of paradise.


St Barth: what are the travel regulations in the time of coronavirus?

While the island of Saint Barth is open to travelers from the United States, as well as most of the world, everyone is being extremely careful to respect the health regulations that are in place to keep the number of cases of Covid-19 to a minimum. This means you must arrive with negative test results taken within three days before your arrival, and masks are obligatory in crowded areas as well as walking in and out of restaurants, or if you leave your table.

Tourism In Full Bloom in St Barth

This tiny island has worked hard to limit the spread of the virus and the result was a highly successful Thanksgiving week, with the same number of tourists as last year, and a continual ballet of small planes landing and taking off at the Saint Barth’s Rémy de Haenen Airport, ferrying relaxed guests primarily from San Juan or Sint Maarten. The peak travel day saw

almost 200 flights in and out, with 600 passengers arriving to spend the holidays at hotels overlooking the sea or on the beach, upscale villas, or charming cottages with breathtaking views.

In other words, the worldwide pandemic has not had an effect on the success and appeal of St Barthélemy, an island where a bohemian vibe mixes with luxury on a daily basis. Just eight square miles in size, with mountainous terrain that drops into the sea, this tiny territory has it all, from gourmet dining to world-class shopping in personalized boutiques, where all the attention is on you.


Social media is atwitter with photos of Saint Barth, where the winter season is off to a great start. But don’t forget that negative test results (within 72 hours) are required to enter the island, and please be courteous and wear a mask and respect social distancing as required. The island has been very smart in its management of the pandemic, and it is crucial to maintain the status quo so that everyone can continue to enjoy the sense of freedom allowed on the island compared to the rest of France, for example.


Decorative tents adorn the main dock in Gustavia for the Christmas market, mega yachts are starting to line the docks, festive lights are twinkling around the port, and it looks like all elements are in place for a delightful holiday season. Make your plans now to spend part of this winter in Saint Barthélemy, where the hotels, villas, and restaurants are safely awaiting your arrival.


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