Vodka L'orbe

Vodka L'orbe

Discover Vodka X Caviar
Jul 12, 2021

L’Orbe tells the story of a new elixir. A new generation of white spirits, a fusion of flavors and unexpected pairings that create sensory tasting experiences.

Edition 1Vodka x Caviar features an artisanal, avant-garde vodka combined with the delicate flavor of caviar. A taste sensation to savor and share.

L’Orbe Edition 1 Vodka x Caviar was born from the desire to find the best methods of infusion capable of marrying exceptional flavors. To capture the rarest ingredients in the world, L’Orbe uses the latest technologies created by masters of beauty and luxury.

Rare ingredients

In its quest for perfection, L’Orbe set out for Poland, to the area around Olsztyn. In the heart of a landscape of rocks and rivers, an artisanal farm thrives by the rhythms of nature and the raising of sturgeon.

Producing an excellent caviar that serves as a reference for the best caviar suppliers in the world (Caviar House, Petrossian…), this Polish farm has ideal conditions allowing it to produce the same high-quality caviar throughout the year.


Taste L’Orbe Vodka x Caviar at Bonito, Le Toiny, Shellona, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, and Varda.



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