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Bofinger - Paris

Brasserie, bistro, wine bar, French


5-7 Rue de la Bastille, 75004 Paris

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Open Monday to Friday:
  • 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • 6:30 PM to 12:00 AM
Open on Saturday:
  • 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM
  • 6:30 PM to 12:00 AM
Open on Sunday:
  • 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Bofinger, located in the picturesque Marais district of Paris, is a true culinary institution with a history dating back to 1864.


This Alsatian brasserie stands out not only for its longevity but also for its ability to offer an authentic and traditional gastronomic experience. It is particularly renowned for its selections of fresh seafood, as well as its iconic dishes from Alsatian cuisine, inviting its visitors on a unique culinary journey.


The interior of Bofinger pays a living tribute to the Belle Époque, with its decor evoking the elegance and grandeur of that era. The glass dome, engraved mirrors, and finely carved woodwork create a spectacular setting, offering guests an immersive experience where architectural beauty perfectly complements culinary excellence.


Over the years, Bofinger has remained true to its roots, preserving its historic ambiance while adapting to contemporary tastes.

It is a favored meeting place for lovers of traditional French cuisine, seeking to enjoy a moment of conviviality and sharing in an exceptional setting.


Bofinger’s cuisine is a vibrant tribute to the rich gastronomic tradition of Alsace, while embracing the diversity and freshness of French cuisine.


Fresh seafood holds a special place on the menu, promising guests unparalleled marine delights. The meticulously prepared seafood platters are a true feast for the eyes and palate, offering a variety of shellfish and crustaceans selected for their superior quality.


Traditional Alsatian dishes are also at the heart of the culinary experience at Bofinger. Ancestral recipes, such as choucroute garnie, baeckeoffe, and tarte flambée, are finely revisited, highlighting the authentic flavors of Alsace. These generous and comforting dishes are crafted with care and passion, reflecting the rich culinary heritage of the region.


The selection of desserts, true to the French tradition of pastry, offers a perfect conclusion to a memorable meal. Classics such as kougelhopf are aligned alongside more contemporary creations, ensuring a refined sweet touch.


At Bofinger, the commitment to ingredient quality is evident, with a constant focus on highlighting seasonal products to ensure freshness and flavor.


This cuisine, both traditional and innovative, makes Bofinger a pillar of Parisian gastronomy, inviting guests to rediscover the treasures of Alsatian and French cuisine.


Olivier Nasti, a Michelin-starred chef from Alsace, is renowned for his cuisine that skillfully blends tradition and innovation.


His respect for seasonal and local products is reflected in every dish he creates, offering a rich and authentic taste experience. As the head of Le Chambard, his starred restaurant in Kaysersberg, Nasti captivates his guests with dishes that tell the story of Alsace while exploring new flavors.


Recognized for his culinary excellence, he is an influential figure in French gastronomy, sharing his passion through events and publications.

Details of his career may evolve, so it is advised to consult current sources for the most recent information.

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