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11 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris

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Open Monday to Friday:
  • 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Open Saturday to Sunday:
  • 12:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Discover Doki Doki, a hidden gem in the heart of Paris, presenting itself as a sanctuary dedicated to the Japanese culinary art, with a specialty that sets it apart: the handroll.


This handroll bar is not just a dining spot but a true immersive experience into Japanese gastronomic culture. The chefs, true artisans of taste, prepare these rolls by hand with care and skill, using only the highest quality ingredients. The nori seaweed, delightfully crispy, wraps perfectly around the warm Japanese rice, creating an ideal base to host a variety of fillings, whether they be delicately selected raw fish or creative vegetarian options.


The concept of Doki Doki is simple yet deeply rooted in a quest for authenticity and freshness. Each handroll is designed to be enjoyed in four crunchy bites, allowing the flavors of each component to fully express themselves, right after being carefully rolled by the chef. It’s an invitation to experience a unique tasting moment, where time seems to pause.


The name “Doki Doki,” evoking the light and delicate sound of a beating heart in Japanese, captures the essence of the experience offered. It’s a metaphor for the excitement and anticipation that discovering each handroll generates, a promise to make the hearts of Japanese cuisine enthusiasts beat. Signature creations, such as the Tuna Tartare and the Shiso Roll, are perfect examples of the balance between tradition and innovation that Doki Doki strives to maintain. The Tuna Tartare combines the finesse of line-caught red tuna with the freshness of trout eggs and sesame seeds, all enhanced by an exquisite ponzu sauce. The Shiso Roll, on the other hand, offers a burst of flavors with avocado, shiso leaf, and toasted sesame seeds, wrapped in nori seaweed and vinegared round rice.


Located in the prestigious Marbeuf district, Doki Doki is not just a handroll bar; it’s a culinary destination promising a quick, delightful, and decidedly cool escape for those seeking an authentic Japanese experience. The atmosphere of the place, both intimate and welcoming, perfectly complements the culinary experience, making each visit a memorable moment.


For lovers of Japanese cuisine in Paris, Doki Doki Marbeuf is much more than a place to discover; it’s a gustatory journey to embark on, where passion, tradition, and culinary innovation meet to create unique moments, beating in rhythm with the hearts of the guests.


Whether you are a fine connoisseur or simply curious to discover the authentic flavors of Japan, Doki Doki opens its doors for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

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