Restaurants in Paris Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx - Mandarin Oriental Hotel dinner

Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx - Mandarin Oriental Hotel - Paris

French, Gourmet


251 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris

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Open Tuesday to Saturday:
  • 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Closed on Monday and Sunday

Welcome to the Sur Mesure by Thierry Marx restaurant, a veritable temple of gastronomy located in the elegant Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris.


Headed by renowned chef Thierry Marx, this restaurant embodies culinary excellence and innovation.


Internationally renowned chef Thierry Marx is the creative mind behind every dish at Le Sur Mesure. His expertise and unrivalled talent have earned him numerous awards. Thierry Marx pushes the boundaries of cuisine by combining classic culinary techniques with bold, modern approaches.


Set in the sumptuous surroundings of the Mandarin Oriental hotel, the Sur Mesure restaurant offers a total experience for the senses. The elegant, contemporary ambience creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and enjoyment. The attentive and refined service of the staff makes every visit an unforgettable experience.


Each dish presented at Le Sur Mesure is a true work of culinary art. Flavours are sublimated, textures are perfectly balanced and presentations are visually stunning. Thierry Marx and his team create unique taste experiences, where every bite is an exquisite discovery.


Come and discover the Sur Mesure by Thierry Marx restaurant, nestled in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris, and let yourself be carried away on an exceptional culinary journey.


Immerse yourself in the creative and sophisticated flavours of renowned chef Thierry Marx, where the art of cooking meets luxury and elegance.

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