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Nicolas Mayaud

Nicolas Mayaud

Nutritionist - Detoxologist

Do you feel as if your nutrition is holding you back? Do you have the impression that you are missing out on something to live your life to the fullest? You know at the bottom of your heart that there is a solution, but you can't find it on your own? Discover how personal and innovative nutritional coaching can have a long-term influence on your wellbeing. Together, we can take a survey of your nutritional situation and overall health, as well as devise the best strategies to put into place to meet your goals. I can provide you with new nutritional habits that can help you find inspiration and motivation. And give you some incredible insights that will help you live up to your maximum potential. The originality of my approach lies in the theory that health problems are to a large extent caused by environmental poisons (heavy metals, pesticides, etc.) as well as modern alimentation that is not well adapted to today's needs, and is bad for you. I am convinced that personalized changes in nutrition by way of biological reports and good nutriments allow you to sustain good health and improve your state of wellbeing.

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