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Between 25€ and 50€
On the basis of a starter and a dish, excluding drinks, according to the menu provided by the restaurant


Gourmet, Italian, Pizzeria, Vegetarian

Kytaly has firmly established itself as a leading player in Geneva's Italian gastronomic scene, making its mark with the culinary excellence that this friendly, elegant restaurant so brilliantly perpetuates.   At the heart of its gastronomic identity lies the promise of recipes that are both gourmet and healthy, meticulously crafted from exceptional products carefully selected from renowned Italian producers, the true guardians of a rich and authentic terroir.   A commitment to quality ingredients, impeccable service and a warm atmosphere combine in a modern, refined setting to offer each guest a memorable culinary experience. It's this subtle blend of refinement and conviviality that has made Kytaly such a popular choice with loyal customers looking for exceptional culinary discoveries.   Since it opened, the restaurant has made a name for itself with its pizzas, veritable jewels of Italian cuisine, generously topped with the best that Italy has to offer. The accolade was not long in coming, with Top 50 Pizza honouring Kytaly with the title of best pizzeria in Switzerland for five consecutive years from 2019 to 2023, placing it among the best in Europe. In 2020, the restaurant also received an award for its exemplary hospitality.   In addition, the renowned Italian guide Gambero Rosso named Kytaly the "top Italian restaurant", underlining the quality and authenticity of its Italian cuisine.   The restaurant was also awarded the "due spicchi" prize, confirming its ongoing commitment to gastronomic excellence and its dedication to offering guests an exceptional culinary experience every time they visit.

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