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Butler Paradise

Butler Paradise

Butler / Majordome

A multi-tasking staff member, the majordomo (also known as head butler) is a personal assistant whose goal is to facilitate your life at all levels. From making all reservations to the overall running of the household, the majordomo can handle many different tasks, and easily adapts to all requests.   Working with total discretion, the majordomo also supervises the household staff (guidance, supervision) and serves as the sole interlocuter for overall management of the property, no matter its size.   Be it for a short, medium, or long period of time, his objective is to make their clients’ lives as stress-free as possible so that they can make the most of their visits to the island. Your majordomo will have a solution for every situation and anticipate your needs with great attention to detail and unquestionable professionalism.   A person you can trust, who knows how your home functions, responds to the employers’ needs, and works with precision in many different areas.

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