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Av. du Mail 10, 1205 Genève, Suisse

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Open from Wednesday to Thursday:
  • 11h45 to 14h00
  • 6.00 pm to 1.00 am
Open Tuesday:
  • 11h45 to 14h00
  • 18h00 to 00h00
Open Friday:
  • 11.45am to 2.00pm
  • 6pm to 2am
Open Saturday:
  • 6.00 pm to 2.00 am
Closed Monday and Sunday

Immerse yourself in the world of classic French gastronomy at Le Pandore, a culinary gem nestling in the heart of Geneva. With its warm atmosphere and elegant décor, Le Pandore invites you on a refined and authentic culinary journey.


As soon as you walk through the doors of Le Pandore, you’ll be immediately captivated by its intimate, friendly atmosphere. The carefully chosen decor, combining modernity and elegance, creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and the pleasure of tasting.


The menu at Le Pandore is a real tribute to traditional French cuisine. The restaurant’s talented chefs make the most of fresh seasonal produce to offer you tasty dishes prepared with passion. From classic dishes such as coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon and foie gras, to delicious desserts such as tarte tatin and crème brûlée, every bite is an explosion of flavour.


Whether you’re looking for a romantic dining experience, a business dinner or an evening with friends, Le Pandore will meet all your expectations.


The team’s attentive and professional service helps to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience, where every detail is taken care of to offer you a moment of pure pleasure.


In addition to its exceptional cuisine, Le Pandore offers a carefully selected wine list, featuring the finest French vintages. Let our sommelier help you find the perfect match between food and wine, and enjoy every moment of your meal.


Come and discover Le Pandore in Geneva and let yourself be seduced by its refined atmosphere and culinary delights. An authentic gastronomic experience awaits you, where the richness of French cuisine is magnificently showcased. Immerse yourself in a world of flavours and gustatory pleasures at Le Pandore.

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Please make reservations at least 24 hours in advance.


You will get an email confimation from the restaurant.

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