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Pic & Chic
Less than 25€
On the basis of a starter and a dish, excluding drinks, according to the menu provided by the restaurant

Pic & Chic

French, Gourmet, Modern and creative, Vegetarian

Here’s how to make your picnic truly chic! Pic and Chic provides a selection of gourmet treats presented in isotherm wicker baskets, complete with a jaunty red and white French-style checkered tablecloth for the most delectable culinary escapades anyplace on the island.   In addition to four pre-designed themed picnic baskets, you can also consult the menu. Based on what looks tempting, pick anything you want from the many delicious options that are available.   Among the specialties you’ll find mahi-mahi ceviche with pineapple, coconut milk, and lime, or chicken medallions stuffed with tapenade and herb mayonnaise, as well as the fabulous croque with truffles. For dessert, verrines with red berries or chocolate, plus the tartelette of the day for the perfect conclusion to your gourmet escapades.   To go or delivery in villa / on boat / at the beach. Orders minimum 24 hours in advance.

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