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The Art of Self Care by Diana

The Art of Self Care by Diana


The Art of Self Care is a multi-modal, broad spectrum approach to self care wrapped around a solid core of yoga, meditation, personal growth and mindfulness practices developed over 30 years . The yoga I teach and the wellness-based therapies I offer include customized 1-to-1 sessions, private and group instruction in St. Barth or on location, and wellness-purposed travel to specific destinations for exhilarating and transformative spiritual adventure and initiation. In addition to scheduled workshops and retreats, like the yearly St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge, I create, curate and lead theme-based workshops and team-building modules that can be run anywhere in the world; in your home, your business or hotel. I can also create a built-to-spec program based on your personal or professional needs. This season, I am delighted to be a resident consultant for yoga and transpersonal work at Spa Excellence des Sens by Christophe Marchesseau at the Cour Vendôme in Gustavia. I offer you over 30 years of training, and my personal "10 000" teaching and consulting hours spent improving the physical, mental and emotional registries we as humans experience. I look forward to putting my life skills and art to work practicing and growing with you.   © Thomas Levy

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