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Ced & Rod Couture House

Ced & Rod Couture House

Fashion, Fashion accessories, Haute couture, Leather goods, Luxury goods, One-of-a-kind objects, Ready to wear

Symbolizing opulence, prestige, and timeless refinement in St. Barth, Ced & Rod couture house draws inspiration from Italian elegance and Parisian splendor to offer a unique fashion experience blending sophistication and craftsmanship.   Nestled in the heart of Gustavia, their boutique-atelier is home to a talented team of designers and artisans who work passionately to create ready-to-wear pieces for both women, infused with bespoke expertise and crafted to exceed the highest expectations.   In addition, Ced & Rod also crafts exquisite jewelry adorned with precious gemstones, as well as meticulously crafted hats and accessories. Each garment, accessory, and piece of jewelry represents a statement of unparalleled style and elegance a true embodiment of couture in Saint Barthélemy.   What sets Ced & Rod apart from other fashion houses on the island is their exclusive bespoke service. Through close collaboration with their clients, they create tailor-made pieces that reflect personal style and fulfill the most exquisite aspirations. From fabric selection to the finest details, each bespoke creation seamlessly blends the client's individuality with Ced & Rod's expertise.   Furthermore, Ced & Rod proudly stands as the sole destination on the island offering such an exceptional fusion of couture and bespoke services. Their dedication to delivering an unmatched fashion experience is unparalleled in St. Barth.   Step into the world where opulence meets creativity, where excellence is the standard, and where Ced & Rod crafts an unforgettable fashion experience. Explore the realm of Ced & Rod, where fashion becomes an extraordinary journey.

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