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Chefs X.O. La boutique
Less than 25€
On the basis of a starter and a dish, excluding drinks, according to the menu provided by the restaurant

Chefs X.O. La boutique

Asian, Barbecue, Bistronomic, Burger, Creole, Creperie, French, Gluten free, Gourmet, Greek, Halal, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Kosher, Libanese, Mediterranean, Middle eastern, Modern and creative, Peruvian, Pizzeria, Seafood, Steak house, Street food, Sushis, Thai, Vegan, Vegetarian, World fusion

Located on The Point in Gustavia, Chefs X.O. La Boutique offers a large selection of delicious specialties as well as daily specials starting at 11€ to eat there or takeout any time during the day. Everything is freshly prepared and the menu features a wide variety of choices every day, such as refreshing salads, homemade desserts, vegan options, numerous gourmet or classic sandwiches, bowls, pastry, a list of best-sellers, and even revisited classics in X.O. styles! You will also find various flavors of fresh fruit juice made to order, as well as hot drinks, sodas, beer, and even a wine list. Parking is available nearby, and you can enjoy your meal in a warm, wood paneled décor just few steps from the kitchens where the chefs are busy at work.   Cocktail Boxes   Chefs X.O. presents Cocktail Boxes for takeout, and to enjoy anytime for a light repast, such as al fresco pre-dinner drinks, cocktail parties at home, picnics, or sunset cruises. Each themed box has 25 pieces of delicious bite-size pieces to be ordered 48 hours in advance.   -MINI WRAPS BOX 50 € PER BOX OF 25 PIECES   -MINI CLUB SANDWICHES BOX 55 € PER BOX OF 25 PIECES   -CANAPÉS BOX 75 € PER BOX OF 25 PIECES   -VERRINES BOX 70 € PER BOX OF 25 PIECES   -STREET FOOD BOX 65 € PER BOX OF 25 PIECES   -DESSERTS BOX 60 € PER BOX OF 25 PIECES

La Crêperie
Between 25€ and 50€
On the basis of a starter and a dish, excluding drinks, according to the menu provided by the restaurant

La Crêperie

Bistronomic, Burger, Creperie, French, Gluten free, Steak house, Vegan, Vegetarian

Alexandra and Eric, the new owners of La Crêperie, look forward to welcoming you to their restaurant in the center of Gustavia. The menu includes a wide choice of savory crepes or sweet dessert crepes all made in the traditional fashion. To be sure to please the entire family, the menu also features mixed salads, burgers, and fresh fish... To enjoy an exotic salad, a special Tim Burger, or mahi-mahi with Creole sauce, visit La Crêperie for lunch or dinner, with non-stop service all day. After your meal, don’t forget to order coffee… real coffee from beans freshly ground in the grinder! Home delivery: you can also order and have your meal delivered to your home, by clicking here: Delifood

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