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Less than 25€
On the basis of a starter and a dish, excluding drinks, according to the menu provided by the restaurant


Israeli, Kosher, Mediterranean, Vegan, Vegetarian, World fusion

A newly minted restaurant, Sella, the most recent arrival on the gourmet scene in Saint Barth, has already made a big splash. From impeccable service by a welcoming, attentive staff to beautiful design and a menu featuring an excellent cuisine, all the elements blend into an exceptional culinary experience. In this unique concept restaurant run by Nicolas et Julia Le Saout, everything is fine-tuned to perfection in a delightful ambiance. A DJ adds a musical touch in a setting where it’s impossible to ignore the beautiful view of the sea and the boats anchored in the harbor. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Chef Assaf Granit runs the Sella's kitchen masterfully to offer you a unique menu with Israeli and Mediterranean inspired dishes like you've never tasted before. Discover the moabet with scallops, the chicken mesachen or delicious bassboussas. Reservations strongly recommended!

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