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H2O e-Seatoys and Watersports - St Barts

Fliteboard, Jetboard, Scuba diving, Seabob

Open - Closes at 6:00pm


St Jean, 97133 St Barthélemy

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Monday to Sunday
  • 10am to 6pm
Open from October 15 to August 31

Featuring the latest electric sea toys with up-to-date technology (zero emission), H2O provides exclusive aquatic experiences you won’t want to miss while in St Barth!! Accompanied by your personal government-certified instructor, you can set off with confidence and security, skimming the waves on a Jetboard or Fliteboard, or dive under the water on a Seabob equipped with camera or breathing apparatus. Check out the various activities offered by H2O!

New in St Barth: The eFoil gives you the sense of flying above the water as you glide along!

The Fliteboard eFoil, a revolutionary high-tech surfboard direct from Australia functions with an electric hydrofoil that allows you to “fly” from 12” to 15” above the surface. The Fliteboard does not need  any waves or wind to take off. With zero emissions and no noise, this rapid and silent electric Foil will give you a complete new sensation after just a few hours of private classes at the first Fliteschool in the Caribbean.

Stand up or lie flat on an e-Jetboard!

The e-Jetsurf has a lot to get excited about! This e-SeaToy can be used standing up for a sense of gliding over calm seas: ride at your own speed and slalom in total freedom in the tropical turquoise waters.  The e-Jet Bodyboard version allows you to lie flat directly on the board and enjoy speeds up to 30 km/hr (this version is perfect for teenagers). 

Dive and breathe underwater at shallow depths

The Scubabob is a unique and fun diving experience completely created and conceptualized by H2O. On a Seabob, you are capable to immerse yourself to a depth of 3 meters (10 feet), while breathing with the help of a mini air bottle attached to the scooter. Session led by a diving instructor!

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Key points

Established on the island since 2013, H2Ooffers innovative activities and diverse aquatic sports led by certified, experienced instructors.


H2O is also the Official Seabob Center in St Barth (check out SEABOB ST BARTH by H2O) and offers Seabob initiations for kids starting at 8 years old, as well as the most requested family water excursion: the Seabob Snorkeling Tour.


Meeting points usually at Shell Beach (Gustavia) or St Jean (close to Nikki Beach)


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