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Jean Coach Performance - St Barts

Personal trainer


Colombier , 97133 Saint-Barthelemy

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  • Daily 5am-10pm

If you want to stay in shape or train for your next sports event, Jean is the perfect coach for you.


A personal trainer in Saint Barth for the past three years, he provides customized coaching as well as supervised training based on your goals and desires (weight lifting, cardio, boxing, running, assisted stretching…).


He also teaches private or group classes, outside or in a fitness room, with your equipment or his, if need be.


For those who are more adventurous, Jean will take you hiking or running on the island,  so you can enjoy getting exercise in the fresh air.

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Key points

  • Provides equipment if needed
  • Coaching and follow-up in keeping with your goals
  • Organizes outdoor classes (on the beach, in your pool…)


In addition to being a good listener and being reliable, Jean is always pleasant and in a good mood as he helps you reach your goals.


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