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Eres - St Barts

Fashion, Lingerie, Swimwear


Cour Vendôme, Gustavia 97133 St Barthélémy

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Monday to Saturday
  • 10am - 1pm / 4pm - 8pm
Closed Sunday

Eres body architecture. Trendsetting and daring, the brand has been a force in the swimwear world for 40 years thanks to its iconic style and know-how. The ERES lingerie collections, synonymous with graphic simple designs, reveal another facet of its creativity – always an elegant balancing act between style and technique.

Purity was one of the hallmarks of the brand. Eres swimsuits sculpted women’s bodies and beautified them with ingenious cuts without using padding or boning, as contemporary fashion then dictated. For her collections, the designer created exclusive, sculpted, comfortable fabrics. The concept of a swimsuit with impeccable quality that fits like a second skin was born. This was more than a new style; it was a brand new philosophy: to illustrate the “art of the body.” The Eres name is synonymous with luxury swimwear. Its contemporary design, use of increasingly high-tech, innovative fabrics, and reputation for quality led the brand to expand its design territory.

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Key points

The “art of the body.”


Located in the heart of Gustavia, Cour Vendôme.


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