In Vino - St Barth


Wine is subtle, delicate nectar that must be appreciated for its best qualities. With this in mind, Antoine Bandrier would like to share his knowledge and savoir-faire in the milieu of viticulture with visitors to Saint Barth. With a diploma as a wine master and wine business in Bordeaux, this young sommelier already has a few feathers in his cap.

Antoine Bandrier can serve as sommelier at your home for a large party, intimate dinner, or reception, bringing his expertise right to your door in his original, itinerant fashion. This wine expert will serve at your table and impart his wisdom about the vintages. His large projects include The Bucket Regatta in March, and he will be happy to advise you on the marriage of foods and wines for your dinner.

His major asset: wine-tasting classes. At your home or at his wine cellar, where great bottles from various vineyards await, Antoine Bandrier works with a clientele interested in learning about fine wines. His classes are 40€ per hour for a beginner’s class in low season. He presents a list of bottles available to be tasted and tailored to your requests. Thanks to his contacts in the world of wine, he can order the specific vintages desired by the client for future classes, and the price of these classes varies depending on the wines that are tasted.

His goal: to spend an enjoyable moment while discovering wines from around the world. He hopes to teach people to be able to recognize aromas and discern what is in the wine.

Key points

Expert in the milieu of wine, sommelier at home, large selection of vintages.


Les hauts de St Jean



40€ per hour for a beginner’s class


Les hauts de St Jean, 97133 St Barthélémy


On request and rdv.


 Open year-round