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Spa Le Barthélemy - St Barts

Manicure & Pedicure, Massage, Spas


Baie de Grand Cul de Sac 97133 St Barthélemy

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Open from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm.

Designed as a temple of wellbeing, the Spa at Le Barthélemy hotel is a haven of tranquility that pampers your body and soul. A hammam, a sauna, Nordic baths, and a tearoom add to the total sense of relaxation at the Spa.

Facial treatments by La Mer capture the healing energies of the sea, sound, and touch to create a unique sense of wellbeing. To give your skin an extra glow, each treatment is personalized and uses highly concentrated Miracle Broth™.


The facilities:

Vitality Baths:

Includes three baths: 1 heated to 100°F and two cold at 51°F and 41°F. These Nordic baths, made of resistant red cedar hardwood, are inspired by Scandinavian traditions.

The Sauna:
The sauna is a wellness ritual originally from Finland. It comprises a room heated to 175°F where you stay for a few minutes before going out to alternate the benefits of hot and cold.

The Hammam:
Steam bath are originally from the Middle East with its many different beauty rituals. The hammam purifies and cleanses the skin.

The sanctuary of wellbeing offers a wide choice of options to stay in share and help you maintain your goals during your stay at the hotel.

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Key points

A selection of completely personalized massages (technique, aroma, music) designed to create a special sensory experience using MySpa 100% natural products. 


Add to your wellness experience with hydrotherapy, a therapeutic detoxification cure in hot and cold Nordic baths, a sauna, and a hammam/steam room.


In Grand Cul-de-Sac, along the lagoon.


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